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3 Perfect Party Destinations For Nightlife Lovers

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We all travel for different reasons, and in saying that we’re not just talking the difference between business trips and pleasure vacations. Even among the trips taken for pure pleasure, there are different types of vacation break. Some are designed to offer the best sight-seeing imaginable, while others will offer a high level of luxury.

party destinations for nightlife

Party Destinations for Nightlife

For many people – be they college students on spring break, or older adults – the best trips are the ones with the liveliest nightlife. 

Whether you go out to drink, dance or see a show, there are plenty of remarkable destinations in the world that offer a chance to let your hair down in a way you never would, nor could, back home.

Below, we’ll have a look at some of the greatest party destinations worldwide, and offer advice on what you should see and do while there.

Photo by Aline Cardoso from Pexels

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home to the world’s most famous Mardi Gras parade – attended by as many as two million people a day for its six-day duration – Rio is a cavalcade of color, music and good vibes.

The city is one of Brazil’s biggest, and you should have little trouble finding somewhere to stay. However, you won’t “stay” anywhere very much during your break here. The splendid beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana have been immortalized in song, and you’ll know why the moment you step upon them.

If you’ve had enough of partying, a hike to see the spectacular statue of Christ the Redeemer is well worth your time.

Miami, Florida

As with Rio, fans of beaches will surely find Miami to their taste, with South Beach a particular highlight. Miami itself is tinged with a superb Latin feel that pervades everything from the music to the food, offering the salsa to Rio’s samba.

As you’re on the coast, a day’s break to experience an iconic Fort Lauderdale party boat tour can really set off the trip, allowing you to enjoy the brightest blue water and the fascinating marine life that enjoys the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, along with the revelry and music.

Photo by Julius Silver from Pexels

Prague, Czech Republic

A change in mood and location compared to the above options, Prague is a city that attracts party lovers from across Europe and increasingly from beyond. The reasons are many and diverse.

For one, it’s achingly beautiful, one of Europe’s most remarkable cities. For another, it’s startlingly cheap – accommodation, food and drinks all making only the most modest dent in your spending kitty. Thirdly, if you want a gentle day trip the morning after, there is plenty of history to be found here. A splendid 14th-Century cathedral, the magical gothic St. Vitus’ church is a definite must-see.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Quieter and more considered than the other destinations, Queenstown offers nightlife for a more introverted kind of tourist. Like the rest of the South Island, it’s self-effacingly beautiful and a warm, friendly place to spend a few evenings.

In the local wine bars you can sample some of the excellent local reds and whites, while day trips on offer include bungee jumping from the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge. One word of advice – go bungee jumping the morning before sampling the wines, as a preference!

There are many U.S. destinations that offer great nightlife for those of you who love to party when you travel. Visiting New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago or Boston – to name a few – will offer you both great nightlife as well as many options for daytime adventures!

Do you have a favorite vacation party spot?