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5 Ways To Pack Lighter For Your Next Trip

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Packing for a trip is a nightmare for inherently heavy packers. It can be hard to say no to bringing your whole wardrobe along, but how much of it do you actually end up wearing? Usually it’s a small fraction, and the rest is left to take up space and weigh down your luggage.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Here are five ways to pack a little lighter for your next adventure.

packing tips 

1) Make A List

Naturally, going through your wardrobe and choosing all your favorite garments can take up a lot of room in your suitcase. It may seem tedious, but making a list of what you’ll definitely need will help cut back on packing unnecessary items.

Essentials like a toothbrush, the correct amount of underwear, and outfits appropriate to your trip should all be included.

However, that jacket you just bought and can’t wait to wear doesn’t need to come with you to a tropical destination just to sit in the hotel room while you wear nothing but shorts and t-shirts.

2) Bring A Laundry Bag 

Bringing a laundry bag for travel will not only help you pack less; it’ll reduce mess and keep your hotel room looking as nice and inviting as when you first checked in.

A hanging laundry bag is ideal if your accommodation is small, as you will want to utilize all of the floor space possible.

Above all else, a designated laundry bag will allow you to keep track of which clothes need to be washed. You won’t spread them all over the floor, or shove them into drawers, or keep them in your suitcase. This way, you are more likely to actually do laundry and re-wear some outfits, cutting out the need for excess packing. 

3) Pack In Full Outfits

It is worth thinking through what outfits you will actually wear on your trip, rather than just throwing in random mismatched garments. Not only will this create more room in your suitcase, but it will also make life easier when you arrive.

You won’t have to spend time in the hotel agonizing about which top goes with which pair of jeans. You can just pick out one of your pre-prepared outfits, throw it on, and get on with your adventure instead!

4) Make A “Maybe Pile” 

So, there are a few things that you can’t quite justify as essentials, but you also don’t want to leave behind. In this case, put those items in a pile and only add them to your suitcase if there is space once you have packed all your essentials. Sometimes it’s okay to bring a few extra things with you, but prioritizing helps stop excessiveness when packing.

For example, adding a couple of extra t-shirts is okay if you have the room, but stuffing in a few more jumpers and jackets “just in case” is excessive and will make your bag weigh much more, which could lead to you paying extra fees just to bring it with you.

5) Use A Smaller Suitcase 

This one seems obvious, but it really works! Having a slightly smaller amount of room to pack things will help you realize the difference between what you really need and what’s just taking up space. 

However, make sure you don’t use unreasonably small luggage. A good way to gage whether you have the right suitcase for your trip is packing your essentials list and then seeing how much room you have left. If it’s none to a small amount, you’re golden.

If your belongings are rattling around and it makes you want to pack more to fill out the space, that’s when it’s the right time to downsize.

packing tips