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Quick and Easy Packing Tips for a Weekend Getaway

Packing Tips Weekend Getaway

If I’m heading out for just a few days or a weekend, I definitely want to keep my suitcase size and packed items to a minimum, but at the same time there are items we just can’t go without. Follow these easy steps to get yourself ready for a weekend away!

Before you start to pack, check the weather of your destination so you are sure to pack appropriately. If you will be flying, wear a neutral jacket/sweater on the plane so you will have it available to you when you reach your destination in case it’s needed.

What activities will you be doing while away? Plan an outfit for each activity and lay them out as you decide what they will be.

Pack items you can wear more than once – jeans are a good item for a quick weekend trip since you can usually get two wearings out of jeans. Pack 2 tops for each pair of pants.

Pack any extra shoes you may be taking first at the bottom of your bag. I try to keep to the shoes I am wearing when only going away for a few days unless I’ll be needing a dressier outfit for one of my planned activities. Once you put your shoes in, put your socks and undergarments inside your shoes.

Roll each top and bottom into a tight tube and begin stacking the rolls into your suitcase. Fill in any spaces with smallest items like socks and accessories.

Always keep a toiletry case stocked with travel sizes of your essentials and be sure to leave room in your luggage for this.

Ladies you can pack your make-up and any medication you take into your purse. This saves lots of room in your small over-night weekend bag.

Don’t forget the small items you absolutely need! Chargers and sunglasses! These accessories are easily missed if you don’t write them down on your list and pack them the night before you leave. If you usually wear lenses or glasses, you might want to consider prescription sunglasses. They will help you to see when you’re out and about without having to change your glasses constantly. Don’t forget to pack them in a protective, hard case in your bag so they don’t get damaged. If done correctly, I can usually fit 2 to 3 days into a backpack!

If done correctly, I can usually fit 2 to 3 days into a backpack!

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