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How to Avoid Overpacking for a Trip

Packing Tips
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Packing Tips

Almost every part of traveling is enjoyable, from the excitement of traveling to your destination to the wonderful experiences you get to have while traveling. That being said, some parts of traveling can be less than enjoyable for some people.

One of these areas is packing, something that can be a massive headache before traveling. Regardless of whether people are traveling to view Banff homes for sale or are taking a several weeks long European vacation, overpacking always seems to rear its ugly head.

So how can you ensure that packing isn’t a massive headache, and you only pack exactly what you need? Here’s how to avoid overpacking for a trip. 

Plan Outfits Ahead

A key thing that you need to do to avoid overpacking is plan outfits ahead of time. If you plan out exactly what you’re going to be wearing each day of your vacation, you can completely avoid overpacking clothes. Try packing only the outfits that you absolutely know you will be wearing and maybe an extra pair of clothes in case of emergency or unforeseen accident.

Obviously, the longer your vacation is going to be, the harder it will be to plan out an outfit for every single day. That being said, planning out exactly what you’re going to wear on each day of your vacation can be a huge help in avoiding packing unneeded clothes. 

Use Versatile Shoes

Another great thing you can do to limit the amount that you pack is to bring along very versatile shoes. When packing for a vacation, many people make the mistake of packing various types of shoes. These people will pack walking shoes, hiking shoes, and formal shoes, completely filling their suitcase with all sorts of footwear. Instead, you should pack versatile shoes, footwear that can be used in a wide variety of situations.

For example, you might want to pack a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in, yet are still nice enough to wear on a night out. Doing this will mean that you pack fewer pairs of shoes, freeing up more space in your suitcase, and helping you to avoid overpacking. 

Use a Smaller Suitcase

You might think that using a smaller suitcase would be bad for packing, but it actually can be a huge help in preventing you from packing too much. When you have a large suitcase, you tend to want to fill it as much as possible.

However, doing so could result in you packing extra items that you don’t need just for the sake of filling your suitcase. Having these extra items can be cumbersome, and they likely won’t add any extra value to your trip, leaving them to just be a waste of space.

Having a smaller suitcase forces you to be smarter about what you’re packing. You have a limited amount of space to work with, so you’ll likely only be able to fit exactly what you need in a smaller suitcase. If you’re someone who can’t quite stop overpacking, using a smaller suitcase can be a great way to force yourself to limit the amount that you pack. 

Check the Weather

Packing for a vacation is mostly all about preparation. You need to pack exactly what you need to deal with anything that might come up on your trip. As a result, you might pack something like a light jacket in case nights get cold. However, checking the weather of the location you are heading to can be a great way to cut down on these “just in case” items.

For example, if you look at the weather of your destination and you see that the low temperature for your travel period is seventy five degrees, you probably will be safe not packing a light jacket and jeans. Having this extra bit of preparation allows you to know exactly what items to pack and avoid packing unnecessary items that will only take up space.

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