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Why You Should Pick An Outdoorsy Vacation


Vacation is synonymous with discovering new places and forgetting, for a short while, the sight and taste of the ordinary life. However, when it comes to popular vacation holidays, a vast majority of vacation goers continue to prefer resorts and city getaways over outdoors vacations. Indeed, we are desperate to discover what the world has to offer.

outdoor vacation

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As such, a lot of travel time is typically spent in museums, restaurants, and local attractions. While most holidaymakers enjoy relaxing on the beach or walking in the streets, they intentionally choose not to engage with the outdoor aspect of their trip. 

You should, however, break the indoor vacation habit and embrace the full potential of a trip at the heart of Mother Nature. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, switch your urban getaway in a busy city for a breath of fresh air outdoors. You’d be surprised by the many advantages you’ll gain in the process. If you’re unsure about the many benefits of an outside site, here are the top seven reasons why an outdoorsy vacation could completely transform your life for the better. 

To explore the natural wilderness 

If you’re worried about finding your way outdoors and navigating the great wilderness safely, you can find plenty of guided or scheduled tours in some of the most famous natural parks in the country. There are custom backpacking trips in Yellowstone, for instance, that can suit all hiking levels from first-timer to experienced.

The closest you can get to nature is to walk around it, getting accustomed to wildlife as you go. You can find similar offers in other natural areas. Ideally, you can plan a backpacking weekend to refresh your mind and lungs as some of the trips don’t last more than two days. For anybody who wants to experience nature like never before, a backpacking trip can give you access to remote areas you wouldn’t visit otherwise. And, if you are looking to set up a tent when you arrive, consider one of the tents that attach to your car

To relax by the seaside

When was the last time you’ve genuinely enjoyed the seaside? Most people tend to spend their time between the local beach and their hotel. However, you can head back to the source, to the oldest seaside resort in America to rediscover the joy of fresh air and the sound of the waves in the morning.

Indeed, at the time of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, seaside resorts were a preferred destination for people who needed to boost their health. The invigorating sea breeze and the healthy diet there can boost immune systems that suffer in the pollution of cities. Think of the holiday as a cure of vitamins before the harsh winter. Walking along the beach will give you plenty of vitamin D – which supports the immune system and your mood. The fresh diet of fish and vegetables is also beneficial for your health.

outdoor vacation

Photo by Indigo Blackwood from Pexels

To find inspiration

Mother Nature is a source of inspiration for creative minds. Being surrounded by plants has encouraged some of the most famous writers and painters in the world to design their works. George Bernard Shaw wrote his most celebrated plays in a small garden shed. Virginia Woolf enjoyed observing the plants in her garden, enjoying the fertility and wildness of the countryside. Whether you write, paint, or design, you’ll find that nature has many ways to inject a new life to your ideas. 

To boost your mental health 

The mind needs oxygen to think clearly. Going outside can significantly transform your understanding of things, as your brain can think more clearly. But, more importantly, the oxygen boost from the plants and the positive inspiration of nature can also help to tackle mental health issues. A walk in the park every day can take depression at bay, for instance. Gardening in the evening can help to focus your mind on positive thoughts and alleviate anxiety. IN other words, being in nature is good for your soul. 

From observing nature like never before to enhancing your creativity, there is a lot to gain from an outdoorsy vacation. It’s time to leave the gray buildings behind and rediscover the joys of being in nature. 

To enjoy an active break

Winter and outdoor vacations? It’s impossible not to think of ski resorts! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, the appeal of dry powder snow and sunny pistes can’t be ignored. Admittedly, you want to book some skiing lessons in your resort to make sure you can go down the slope safely – reckless enthusiasts have been known to hurt themselves. But you can burn plenty of calories every day while enjoying the sunny weather.

There are very few holiday activities that encourage such a large volume of followers. Skiing is not only trendy, but it is also a fun fitness break that gets you out of the winter slump. 

To recenter your energy

If you find it impossible to relax, you need to book a de-stressing yoga retreat. Yoga holidays are especially popular among high achieving professionals who need to recharge their batteries away from the hectic office. With the help of a yoga master, you can practice in nature and meditate to the sounds of wildlife. Far away from buzzing cities, a yoga retreat gives you a cultural insight into a community of people who have chosen to create a mindful existence. Nature is the perfect ally to find your inner peace and finally relax. You might, at well, unlock your inner chakras in the process, which can be helpful to recenter your energy when you’re back at work. 

To test your surviving skills

How many people know how to start a fire in the wild or build a safe camp in the woods? The answer is: Not many. We have grown used to the modern simplicity of a sedentary lifestyle. While it has plenty of advantages, it also means that we’re unable to survive for ourselves outside of the comfort of our homes. As the season of snowstorms is approaching, it’s essential to update your surviving skills. After all, you need to know how to stay alive and healthy is the snow cuts supplies to your household. Keeping a box of essential equipment at home or in your car can be a life savior.  

outdoor vacation

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