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Things to Look Forward to When Traveling To Orlando

Orlando, Florida is well known for the number of theme parks and amusement parks, but it’s easy to forget that this city has so much more to offer than hanging out with iconic Disney characters and travelling at hundreds of miles per hour on a roller coaster ride.

On top of great seafood, it’s also home to a vibrant culture, lovely nature centers and a great science center for kids to visit and learn from.

Here’s a list of things to look forward to in Orlando, Florida:

Be at one with nature

Orlando is home to the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, which is a 440-acre nature preserve that showcases Florida’s natural scenery.

If the intense Florida heat is getting too much to bear, or the city crowds are becoming a bit overwhelming, taking a short stroll amongst the shades of the trees and the quiet paths this preserve has will surely be a relaxing treat. Aside from scenic strolls, the views of the lake will definitely be a great experience.

Enjoy the food

Orlando is also well-known for the great variety of food it has to offer. There are plenty of themed restaurants across the city, and each has a great selection of food to choose from, which offer a great experience without the need to visit an actual theme park.

Many of these themed restaurants can be found at Disney Springs and Universal CityWalk Orlando or in one of the hundreds of Orlando hotels.

The city is also well known for its thriving seafood market, where plenty of people can enjoy the culinary bounties of the sea. There might be other best you’ve experienced before but the best seafood in Orlando can be found here and you’ll be happier for it.

Visit Space

Center One of Florida’s most popular attractions can be found in Orlando and can be found away from many of the city’s theme park attractions.

The Kennedy Space Center isn’t just a place for NASA to send people into space, it’s also a great facility to take your families to learn about space travel. Prospective astronauts will definitely love this.

Swim with the dolphins

If you’re geared towards exploring aquatic-themed parks, then Orlando also has a lot to offer. Sea World Orlando is a major attraction in the city and can provide hands-on experience with aquatic animals for the family.

If you want a more personalized approach to enjoying the aquatic beauties in the water, then Discovery Cove may have something to offer you. A great alternative to Sea World, Discovery Cove’s most popular attraction is the Dolphin Lagoon, where you are allowed to swim with and interact with the dolphins in their natural habitat.

Visit a theme park

Lastly, a visit to Orlando wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the many theme parks the city is quite known for. From Walt Disney World for the kids, to Universal Studios for older people, to Legoland to those in between, Orlando practically has a theme park for everybody to enjoy.

Although a visit to Orlando usually means that the theme parks take a huge portion of your itinerary, the city still has much to offer any visitor.

A quaint downtown quarter, vibrant night markets, lovely pieces of nature, there are many things that can surprise you in the city. It’s up to you to experience them all.

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