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8 Tips for Enjoying Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

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When the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves are calling your name, you know it’s time to head to the beach. While there are plenty of coastal cities to explore across the East Coast, you can’t go wrong with Myrtle Beach.

myrtle beach vacation

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

This bustling tourist destination is known for its exciting attractions, incredible eateries, and glorious beaches. There are also gardens, parks, festivals, golf courses, and so much more to explore. Growing up near the Myrtle Beach area, you pick up helpful advice for tourists. With that in mind, here are eight tips for enjoying your vacation.

Research Your Hotel Options

Myrtle Beach is home to many great hotels, all of which are known for their affordability. Rather than picking the first accommodation you come across, you should find one that fits your needs and budget well. Start by doing a hotel search which allows you to search by location and amenities. You can compare the rates at several different properties with just a few clicks. For an unbeatable view and easy beach access, reserve a room at a hotel right on the oceanfront. 

Prepare For Busy Roads

Summer vacations at Myrtle Beach are a popular choice for families all around the country. The trouble is, during the height of the summer season, this can leave roads crowded, clogging up the highways and local roads alike. When traveling to, from, and around the area, you must make sure that you leave enough time to account for this traffic. Although the traffic will be unavoidable at times, traveling in the early mornings or late evenings can save time.

Check Out The Attractions

A beach vacation wouldn’t be complete without a few days spent at the beach. However, the Myrtle Beach area boasts plenty of other fun attractions for families to enjoy. When planning your trip itinerary, remember to budget time to check out some of these sights. The only problem with the vast number of attractions is that you’re never going to fit them all into one trip. This is why you should write a shortlist of favorites and save some other sights for the next time you visit. 

Reward That Great Service

There is no shortage of eateries for your family to enjoy on your Myrtle Beach vacation. From kid-friendly cuisine to upscale oceanfront establishments, there are options to suit everyone. If you’re planning to dine at one of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach, then remember to make a reservation. During the peak seasons, it’s common for dinner reservations to fill up fast. Many of the waitstaff at these establishments will deliver great service, so remember to tip their efforts. 

Bring Along Cheap Sunglasses

Many people buy a whole new wardrobe before heading on vacation. If you like to do the same, the one thing you needn’t purchase is sunglasses. Although lots of travelers like to take expensive sunglasses away with then, you should avoid doing so. Sunglasses can easily be left behind, whether at a pool, a restaurant, or the beach. Packing cheap sunglasses for your trip means that you can avoid the stress of having to keep track of where they are. 

Take A Family Photo

While you’re relaxed, tanned, and together, you should take the time to have a family photograph taken. There are plenty of local photographers that you could hire for a few hours to capture those precious memories on the beach. When you get home, you could have those images framed or even order a canvas to hang in your home. If you don’t want to hire a photographer, then take lots of your own pictures. You’ll want to remember the amazing time you had, after all.

Lather On Some Sunscreen

The sun might be beautiful, but it is also dangerous. Before you spend hours lounging on the beach with your little ones, you must make sure that everyone is wearing sunscreen. This should be at least SPF 30 and must be applied every few hours. If you’re swimming, remember to reapply more frequently.

myrtle beach vacation

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

You don’t want to spend your vacation suffering from sunburn. Light-colored shirts, hats, and beach umbrellas will all provide extra protection. 

Visit In The Fall

All locals know that fall is the best time of year along the East Coast. While the weather remains warm, it’s a more comfortable temperature to enjoy. The attractions stay open, but there are fewer crowds to endure and much lower prices to pay. The fall months also have a number of very popular annual events, as well as free concerts. If you have time to spare throughout September or October, then move your summer vacation back a few months. 

Remember the advice above to enjoy your Myrtle Beach vacation this year.

myrtle beach vacation

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