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Snack Your Way Around the World with 5 Must Have Epcot Treats

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Must Have Epcot Snacks

Epcot is the home to an annual Food and Wine Festival, but year round it is known for having the best food at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, I’m sharing with you my top 5 Must-Have Epcot Snacks so you can plan your budget (and snacking) accordingly.

Must Have Epcot Snacks

Refreshment Port’s Croissant Donuts

Technically, a “cronut” (just without the copyright infringement) this decadent fried treat is a great way to kick off your tour of the World Showcase. It has the crispy layers of a croissant but is fried and covered in cinnamon-sugar. My absolute favorite snack, especially a la mode, with a perfect portion of soft-serve ice cream on top!

Must Have Epcot Snacks

France’s Strawberry Tart

The Sponge Cake in England is disappointing, so wave bye-bye to Alice and Mary Poppins as you make your way over the bridge to France.

Depending on the time of day, you can either pair your strawberry tart with a mimosa or a glass of French champagne – either way, the tart has crisp strawberries with a perfect glaze, fresh whipped cream, and a buttery pastry shell.

Italy’s Gelato Cookie Sandwich

There are plenty of delicious treats between France and Italy to be found in Morocco, Japan and America, but our next top snack is found in Italy.

At almost $10, the gelato cookie sandwich is a decadent treat – but considering you’re getting two fresh-baked cookies and a generous scoop of gelato, who’s going to complain?

China’s Spring Rolls

After all of those sweets, you’re going to need something savory (especially before our next selection) – and the spring rolls at the China Pavilion will not disappoint. You can get them with pork or vegetarian, and don’t forget the duck sauce!

Must Have Epcot Snacks

Norway’s School Bread

And finally, after riding the new Frozen Ever After ride (and waiting in line for close to an hour), you’re going to want one final snack before exciting the World Showcase – and why not end in style with the cult-classic, School Bread.

It’s a traditional Scandinavian pastry (with a spicy cardamom flavor) filled with vanilla custard and dusted with sugar and shredded coconut – and a great value at under $3!

What’s your favorite Epcot snack?

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