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12 Tips for Saving Money at Amusement Parks

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Money Saving Tips Amusement Parks

Is your family gearing up for a big vacation or visit to an amusement park? I know you are probably a little bit stressed about how much of a hit your wallet is going to take for this trip, but never fear, you can save money by following some simple steps.

Here are 12 tips for saving money at amusement parks:

  1. Check for season ticket sales. I recently heard about an amusement park that offers season ticket sales for just $75 during a one week period in the winter. Compare that to a single day ticket of $40. If I am planning a 3 day trip to the park, I have already saved money buying them that way! Be sure to do a little research to see if your park offers the same kind of deal.
  2. Take advantage of discount offers. Are you or your spouse in the military? Are you a police or fire employee? Be sure to look into whether or not the park of your choice offers discounts for you!
  3. Buy your tickets online. Your tickets will likely cost more at the gate than they would if you buy them online, in advance. Plus, this saves you time at the gate too!
  4. Check for membership discounts. Do you have AAA?  Are you a Costco Wholesale member?  Check in your membership info to see if you can get discounts to the park.
  5. Go in the off season. Oftentimes, amusement parks offer admission discounts in the off season. Consider taking this route if it fits into your schedule.
  6. Go at night. Have you considered going to the park at night? Many amusement parks offer night-time discounts, plus you get to view all of the rides lit up at dark and that’s just exciting.
  7. Bring your own stroller. If you have a little one, a stroller is imperative to push them around because they will get tired throughout the day. Parks usually have rental strollers, but that will add another $20 or so to your costs for the day.
  8. Bring a backpack. You are going to want to bring some stuff with you (waters, sunscreen, snacks, etc), if you bring a comfortable backpack you can carry it around with you and avoid having to pay for a locker (plus all of your stuff is easily accessible).
  9. Bring your own food/water. Bringing your own food and water will save you a lot of money throughout your days at the park. When you consider the fact that a small bottle of water will likely cost you $2.50 or more, you can easily end up spending $50-$100 or more each day on food and drinks for a family of 4.
  10. Take your own photos. I know the photos of you and the family on the ride are just so much fun, but you really don’t want to spend that much money on pictures. You are probably going to have your phone with you anyway, take your own pics!
  11. Take a group trip. If you have a large extended family, consider taking a big family trip to the amusement park. Sometimes parks offer group discounts.
  12. Check Social Media. Be sure to follow the amusement park through their social media channels (specifically Facebook and Twitter). Many parks often offer discounts and coupons this way.

Amy Crooks

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Really great tips!! I like #9! We always bring water with us. :) Thanks for sharing!