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Best Things to Enjoy in Mobile, Alabama

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Every year, thousands of people visit New Orleans because of Mardi Gras. The allure of reveling all day and night in the open streets really take partying to a new level.

Mobile Alabama

Mobile, Alabama – Photo via Washington Examiner

But did you know that it’s not really the first one to offer Carnival season festivities in the country? The first one to do so was Mobile, Alabama.

They have an annual event that really brings revelers to the streets. Theirs is a more family-friendly carnival that even the kids can enjoy and participate in. There are floats and community balls, and the locals wear royal attire fit for the celebration. There are a lot of beads to share and moon pies to eat for every visitor.

But that’s not all. If you’re not really up for the spring party vibe, you can still enjoy Mobile any time. You can hang out on Mobile’s main nightlife spot, Dauphin Street.

You can grab a cold beer while enjoying different food available in the area. This street is the hotspot for the city’s best restaurants. Art and architecture in Mobile easily rivals that of New Orleans and Savannah. You can see distinct influences of the French, Spanish, and English. You can explore different art galleries and soak in the relaxed vibe of a very artistic town.

Other Things to Do in Mobile

Even if your visit is a bit early or a tad late of the carnival festivities celebrated there, you can just drop by the Mobile Carnival Museum. It holds the distinction of being the only museum in the country devoted to the history of Carnival.

Mobile Alabama

Photo via Mobile Carnival Museum

Carnival is the official festival season in Mobile, and you’ll learn more about its origins when you visit the museum. The museum has rooms full of collections of the lavish attire worn for the celebration even back in the days. Oh, and don’t forget to take something home with you! Grab a souvenir mask when you stop by the gift shop.

Your trip back to the past won’t be complete without visiting the historic Oakleigh house in Mobile, AL. This is one of the oldest houses in Mobile, and comes packed with great stories about the past. This museum holds artifacts relating to cotton picking and slavery, railroad expansion, and many more.

There are also things to learn about the Civil War, as well as various epidemics that took countless lives of the local population. This house ‘houses’ the colorful history of the port city, dating back more than 300 years in the past. It’s definitely a must-visit place, especially if you’re looking to learn more about the town.

The Mobile tour won’t be meaningful without stuffing yourself with some of the best foods Mobile, Alabama has to offer. Go from one restaurant to another and enjoy the bountiful harvest from the bay. Get filled with the best oysters of the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Mobile Alabama

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You can also enjoy classic Alabama barbecue while enjoying great music and company at many different restaurant chains littered across town. All you need is to get out of your hotel room, walk a couple of blocks, and surely, there’s one such restaurant waiting ‘round the corner.

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