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The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery, Colorado Springs


The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery is located in Old Colorado City. Also, it is in the national historic district in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Michael Garman is a sculptor who captures people how they work and live. Therefore when you walk inside the Micheal Garman Museum and Gallery, you will find many sculptures for sale at reasonable prices. There are firefighters, police officers, and linemen, and much more.

First of all my favorite part of the museum is called “Magic Town.” Magic Town is similar to a 3000-foot doll house with people living there. Several of the scenes inside the windows or buildings change when you are watching them. Since there are 18 different buildings, I want to take a construction home with me because they are too cute! Magic Town is a 1/6 scale miniaturized city neighborhood. I love the amazing sculptures of people in their everyday life. It is fun to peek into the windows and see the different people. There are magical illusions, holographic effects, narrow alleyways and much more to see.
It’s a gigantic playground for the mind,” says its creator, Michael Garman.  “Part carnival, part dollhouse, part sculpture.” “These are snapshots of my time in Buenos Aires, Santiago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia,”  Garman explains. “It took me over a million dollars and parts of four decades to pull it from my mind and get the thing built.”
Magic Town is decorated for Halloween and Christmas. As a result, I would love to see it at different times of the year. Furthermore, another fun thing to see is a tiny movie theater in Magic Town with one of my favorite movies. When you peek inside the show, Casablanca is the video playing. I think you and your family would love seeing it! In conclusion, the Michael Garman Museum in Colorado Springs Colorado is an incredible attraction to see. Best of all your ticket includes popcorn and a scavenger hunt!
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