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McGuires Irish Pub in Destin, Florida ~ A Million Dollar View!

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McGuires Irish Pub Destin Florida
McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin, Florida ~~ A Million Dollar View! A million dollars on the ceilings and walls! Have you ever seen a million dollars? Well, it is very exciting to me, particularly because it is right on the corner of the Destin Harbor! The money is simply hanging all around!
McGuires Irish Pub Destin Florida
Oh, and McGuire’s Irish Pub also has great food to go along with the million dollar view. It has both Irish and American foods on the menu. One specialty I love is McGuire’s fried mashed potatoes they call IRISH BOXTYS!  The potatoes also come with dipping sauces – Salsa, Guacamole dip and a Horse Radish sour cream sauce. In addition to the potatoes, they have the best pumpernickel bread covered with icing that just melts in your mouth. It makes me hungry just thinking about it!
The menu also includes several different types of Angus burgers, steaks, sandwiches and of course lunch specials MondayFriday from 11AM-3PM. They also have a brunch and late night menu. There is second  location also ~ McGuire’s Irish Pub at the foot of the Pensacola bridge.
They also have a brewery on site and brew their own beer. McGuire’s Irish Pub brews five regular beers and a rotating seasonal. Their lineup includes McGuire’s Light Ale, McGuire’s Irish Red Ale, McGuire’s Porter and McGuire’s Irish Stout. Our seasonal selections include Scotch Ale, Honey Wheat, Wild Irish Raspberry Wheat, Belgian Ale, India Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Extra Special Bitter Altbier and Christmas Ale; just to name a few. McGuire’s also makes a very popular root beer served draft.
The Pub also has a gift shop that offers t-shirts, hats, and many different souvenirs. The next time I go I am going to buy a t-shirt and cookbook and maybe some steak seasoning. Then I am going to make  IRISH BOXTYS!  If you are in the Destin or Pensacola area, do not miss McGuire’s million dollar view or the IRISH BOXTYS!