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Maui Sings “You’re Welcome”! Have You Seen #Moana?

Maui You're Welcome Moana

I was really anxious to see Moana and couldn’t wait for it to open last week. No disappointment here. Moana is a true family film. The film offers positive messages of self-discovery and empowerment. Moana herself is a great role model, demonstrating perseverance, curiosity, and courage. All Disney films have a message and Moana is no different. The most important message – Girl Power! No prince! Moana is in complete control of her own future and destiny. Her own ability and leadership. Girl Power!

I recently read something that Dwayne Johnson, Maui, said about the film and after seeing Moana I couldn’t agree more:

“Remember our world is filled with so much noise .. we have to do our best to block out the noise and always listen to that little voice inside your heart that says “Yes I can”. Cause you’re right. You can.”

The highlight of any Disney animated film is the music. This becomes even more special when Lin-Manuel Miranda is responsible for it. In this clip we see the demigod Maui, played by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, singing a song that I really think will be a huge hit. If you have already seen Moana, you know that Maui has a bit of an ego when he talks about his own accomplishments and this song has him singing his own praises. It’s the perfect song for Maui! Watch those tattoos! Each one represents an accomplishment of Maui’s and those tattoos come to life to help sing all about what he has done. 

If you haven’t seen Moana yet – what are you waiting for!



Lyrics from “Moana” – Music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i and Mark Mancina – Performed by Dwayne Johnson as Maui

I see what’s happening here
You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange
You don’t even know how you feel
It’s adorable!
Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change

Open your eyes, let’s begin
Yes, it’s really me, it’s Maui: breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot: the hair, the bod!
When you’re staring at a demi-god

What can I say except you’re welcome
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
I’m just an ordinary demi-guy

What has two thumbs that pulled up the sky
When you were waddling yay high
This guy!

When the nights got cold
Who stole you fire from down below
You’re lookin’ at him, yo

Oh, also I lassoed the sun
You’re welcome!
To stretch the days and bring you fun

Also I harnessed the breeze
You’re welcome!
To fill your sails and shake your trees

So what can I say except you’re welcome
For the islands I pulled from the sea
There’s no need to pray, it’s okay
You’re welcome!
Ha, I guess it’s just my way of being me
You’re welcome!
You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it
Kid, honestly I can go on and on
I can explain every natural phenomenon
The tide, the grass, the ground, oh
That was Maui just messing around

I killed an eel
I buried its guts
Sprouted a tree, now you got coconuts
What’s the lesson
What is the take-away
Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on the break-away

And the tapestry here on my skin
Is a map of the victories I win
Look where I’ve been
I make everything happen
Look at that mini-Maui just tippity-tappin’

Well, anyway let me say you’re welcome
For the wonderful world you know
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome!
Well, come to think of it, I gotta go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome
‘Cause I’m gonna need that boat
I’m sailing away, away
You’re welcome!
‘Cause Maui can do anything but float

You’re welcome!
You’re welcome!
And thank you!

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