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Magical Moment at Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot

I was going through older posts today to sort of clean things up on the site. Get rid of old posts that are no longer relevant. When I came across this post originally published in 2013 I knew I had to republish it. With Illuminations going away soon, the timing is perfect.

Magical Moments WDW

Here we are in 2019 and those magical moments that sometimes happen at Walt Disney World are still always special. Where else can you take your family on vacation and have such special things happen?

No one knows how these moments happen. You can’t plan for them. It’s being in the right place at the right time. It’s observant cast members noticing a guest that just may need a little pick me up. It’s the excited of your child being infectious to everyone around you. It’s a combination of all of those things.

This post is still special today – 6 years later! Some things just never get old!

Magical Moments WDW

Originally posted on March 18, 2013

A few weeks back my trip to Walt Disney Walt was coming to a close. It was the last night of my trip. I had no dining reservation and it was approaching 7 p.m. While walking through Epcot it seemed as if the Rose and Crown Pub in the UK Pavilion (one of our favorites) did not have much of a line waiting to be seated. As luck would have it, they were able to seat my party (4 adults and one child) within 20 minutes.

In typical Disney fashion, they also honored my request to sit in an area that would allow my granddaughter to see Illuminations if we were not done with dinner when it was time.

Service was a bit slower than normal, but I could not complain since they did seat us so promptly without a reservation. Mid-way through out meal, the manager, along with 2 servers approached our table to speak to my granddaughter (Maddie-age 4). They explained to Maddie that poor Mickey Mouse was stuck in a monorail traffic jam and could not reach Epcot in time to start the Illuminations fireworks show.

Everyone in Epcot would be disappointed if there could not be a show so he asked them to find a really pretty, well behaved little one to help start the fireworks.

Maddie’s face lit up – little did they know that one of her favorite things was watching fireworks – so to actually be able to start the fireworks was unbelievable!

Maddie, along with her Mom, joined the cast members along the railing on the patio. She was given a large glowing wand and was told when it was time she had to wave the wand to start the fireworks.

She waited patiently for a few seconds – the cast members told her to point the wand and wave – and on cue Illuminations began over the lagoon. To see the face of a 4 year old that believed she was starting the fireworks as she heard the excitement of all of the crowds in Epcot was definitely one of the most magical Walt Disney World moments I have had.



Maddie is still telling everyone she meets that she started the fireworks for Mickey Mouse!

Magical Moments WDW

Magical moments will never get old! Have you ever experienced something extra special while visiting Walt Disney World?

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