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Bringing Indoors Outdoors: Luxury Travel

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They say that traveling brings out your true personality. There has to be some truth in it, seeing as how people’s preferences can differ so greatly when it comes to travel choices.

Some like to pack a bag, grab a tent and hit the great outdoors, while some are not that eager to leave the luxuries of modern life behind. If you believe you fall into the latter category, you’re probably looking for lavish options that grant you the comfort of your home – and luckily, there is no shortage of choices there.


The briny deep offers a great alternative to regular 5-star hotels that, well, stay in just one place.

A sail across the ocean with a luxury transatlantic cruise will provide you with world-class amenities while you get to see numerous iconic cities and exotic destinations. Cruise ships feature high-end dining options, various bars and lounges, and a myriad of activities you can participate in during your journey.

For some extra delight, you could even rent a private cabana to enjoy some tropical sun on a remote island as you’re docked at the shore.


Camping might sound like an inconvenience to you, but what if it was glamorous?

Glamping is just that; it’s a fusion of nature and modern facilities. The accommodation alternatives range from high-end tents with a bathroom inside, to lodges, domes, cottages and treehouses. So if you want to go out there and explore the wildlife, but would prefer to rest in a comfy bed rather than a sleeping bag, then glamping might be the perfect answer.

RVs and Motorhomes

Who said you can’t take your entire home with you on your trips?

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You can buy a luxury RV if you’re determined to travel the world by land, or you can look into some rental options to try out the experience of driving around in a vehicle that basically serves as a 4-star hotel. Luxury tourers swear by the perks of having a full-fledged kitchen, bathroom, shower and bedroom while you’re on the road.

Even when you want to park at a certain location for a longer while, you don’t have to settle for regular RV parks. You can stay at first-class RV resorts, which only allow class-A motorhomes and provide guests with fancy amenities like hot tubs, saunas, pet care centers and swimming pools.

Modern Trains

High-speed rail travel is also on the rise among luxury-seeking explorers. Modern trains are being designed with travelers’ convenience in mind – they offer great privacy with their spacious, well-decorated cabins that come with en-suite bathrooms.

Although the range of activities that passengers can enjoy are rather limited, a nice meal or an afternoon drink in the dining cars may appeal to those who want to dine with a view.

Private Tours

Rushing to keep up with a crowd of tourists following the same old itineraries is a thing of the past. If you want to book a city tour but do not care much for the hassle it traditionally comes with, you may consider going for handcrafted tours.

You make an appointment with travel specialists to tell them about your dream vacation, and they plan it specifically for you. Whether you’re interested in culinary experiences or want to visit the places that appear on your favorite TV show, you get to call the shots. You can customize your journey to include facilities you prefer, and don’t have to compromise your everyday comfort.