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Adding a Little Luxury to Your Special Trip

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Sometimes we need to travel on a budget. Funds are tight, we’ve had to make other sacrifices to be able to afford a vacation, or we just want to spend as little as possible so that we can make our money go further, saving on the things that aren’t as important to us, so that we can spend more on our priorities. But, there are other occasions when budget travel just isn’t an option.

luxury travel ideas

If you are going away on a special trip, perhaps for your wedding anniversary or to celebrate another big occasion, you’ll want to swap the word budget for luxury. 

You might have saved for this special trip for a long time, and you’ll be keen to treat yourself to all of those little luxuries that will set it apart from family vacations and any other breaks that you’ve been on. So, give yourself permission to splurge. To spend more than usual on things that you might have skimped on in the past.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to add luxury to your once in a lifetime trip to make it simply perfect and to create lots of memories for the future. 

Fly Private

For most of us, the worst part of any trip is the travel. Your vacation should start as soon as you leave your house. But, if you’ve got a long journey to the airport, the stress of security checks, queues and then an uncomfortable and tedious flight with horrible food, before more airport stress and another long journey on the other end, it’s hard to start enjoying yourself.

You might even waste the first day of your break recovering from the trip. Hire a Private Jet, and your vacation really will begin as soon as you leave home. You’ll have greater airport choice, so you might be able to fly from closer to home and land closer to your hotel. You’ll be able to fly at times that suit you and miss a lot of the airport stress. You’ll get to enjoy a tasty meal of your choice and a comfortable trip. If you are looking for the perfect luxury break, you couldn’t have a better start. 

luxury travel ideas

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Enjoy Airport Treats

If you are flying charter, you might have access to a luxury lounge and the chance to skip airport stress completely. But, if not, you still deserve some airport treats. Consider upgrading your flight, pay for lounge access, and enjoy some fizz with your favorite treats. Book champagne and truffles for the flight and never neglect the option of meet and greet parking at the airport. 

Upgrade Your Hotel

Hotels certainly aren’t the only option. You could stay at a spa, or rent a private apartment. Airbnb is a great option if you want luxury and something unique. If you’ve already chosen your hotel, see if you could upgrade to a suite or bigger room and ask about some luxury treats for the room. 

Book a Romantic Meal

What’s more luxurious than a relaxing and romantic meal? Look online before you travel for some recommendations and read reviews to help you to find the right location. If you can, book a table so that you’ve got something to look forward to.

luxury travel ideas

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Invest in a Spa Day

Another incredibly luxurious experience is a spa day. Most of us have incredibly stressful lives. We’re tired, we’re always on the go, our muscles are full of tension, and we’re desperate for a little TLC. Book a spa day at the beginning of your break, complete with treatments and relaxing extras. Relax, get the tension massaged out of your muscles, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the rest of your getaway. 

Book a Private Tour

When we go away, most of us are keen to see as much as we can of our destination. You might want to see tourist hotspots, museums, sports grounds, enjoy boat rides, and other attractions. But, visiting them with hundreds of other tourists is never going to be luxurious.

Book private tours, you’ll learn more, enjoy the locations, get some local knowledge of them, and get a chance to see a different side, as well as enjoying some peace.

Look Beyond the Normal Tourist Attractions

Another option is looking beyond the normal tourist attractions for more unique days out that other tourists might miss because they’ve stuck to the beaten track. Where do the locals eat? Where do they spend their time? What do they do to relax and unwind? Where do they go to celebrate special occasions? They are unlikely to spend their own special time surrounded by tourists. 

Go Shopping

If there’s one thing that makes us feel a little special and glamorous, no matter where we are and what we are doing, it’s a new outfit. Treat yourself to some holiday shopping, either before you go or when you arrive, to make yourself feel good and boost your confidence. 

luxury travel ideas

Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay

Hire a Private Photographer

A special trip deserves special memories. Certainly more than a few iPhone snaps to take home or share on social media. Hire a photographer, or book a photoshoot while you are away to create some truly magical memories to treasure. Helping you to recall your trip in the years to come, and making sure that all that luxury was worth it. 

Indulge in Fine Dining

Food is incredibly important to most of us. Often, when we travel, sampling the local cuisine, trying new foods, and eating well is a big part of the excitement. So, treat yourself to some fine dining. Sure, sample street food and enjoy local cuisine, but a special occasion deserves a special meal. 

We all need a special break from time to time, even if it’s only once in your lifetime. That one big trip that you’ve been saving for and want to enjoy. A visit to somewhere that you have always wanted to go, or a special vacation to mark an important occasion.

This trip, whatever the reason for it, deserves nothing less than luxury, and you should permit yourself to create the trip of your dreams with those luxury touches and additions.

luxury travel ideas