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Choosing the Perfect Luggage for Airline Check-In

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Luggage Airline Checking

As much as we would like to, we can’t always travel with just a carry-on that we can keep with us at all times, that fits under the seat in front of us or in the overhead compartment. Especially when traveling with the entire family, we sometimes have to check luggage whether we want to or not. Picking the right luggage for airline checking is essential. If too big, we will over-pack which leads to over-weight, which leads to more money added on. Here are some of my best tips for picking the right luggage for airline checking.

Be mindful of size. Too big costs extra. Before buying new luggage check the website for the airline you use most often to see what is considered over-sized.

Choose a bag that will be easy to load. Yes, I know you won’t be loading your own bag onto the plane, but in choosing a bag that is easy to load (for the person who is loading it), you are also choosing a bag that won’t get thrown or shoved by those in charge of loading. Remember, those hard workers are under a very strict time limit so being careful with your luggage isn’t on the top of their “to do” list.

Choose a bag with a handle on top as well as on the bottom, between the wheels. This makes it easier for the baggage handler to grab it and place the bag on the bag loader or in the hold.

Four-wheel luggage is best because a baggage handler can set it down and push it to a coworker or the baggage cart. Two-wheel luggage will more than likely be thrown or dragged to where it needs to go.

Having an expensive, designer brand bag doesn’t mean it’s going to get treated with kid gloves. It’s going to be treated exactly the same as the next guy’s who purchased his at Walmart so save your money to use on something else!

Be sure your suitcase has some structure or everything inside will get crushed. Bags are squished and stacked when loaded. Lots of little outside pockets – NO NO NO! These little pockets make it harder for your bag to get stacked which makes your bag the one that falls first.


Luggage Airline CheckingAs much as you like that pretty pink bag – choose a different color because it will get dirty – very dirty! If possible, don’t choose dark blue or black. Have you ever noticed when waiting for your luggage that 90% of all bags on the carousel are dark blue or black? Putting a bright yellow bow on the handle isn’t the answer. Things tied on the handles #1. cause issues for the baggage handlers; and, #2. come un-tied and fall off. Choose something that will stand out in the crowd. Choose something that you know you will spot the minute it comes around.

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