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LOU ~ Pixar’s Newest Short ~ #Cars3 #Cars3Event

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Lou Cars 3

To me, the shorts created by Pixar that run before the latest feature are always as great and well put together as the newest movie they come before. LOU is no different. LOU‘s lession: Compassion. LOU is the short that will be seen before Cars 3 when it opens today! I know you will all love it!



LOU focuses on a monster who lives in the elementary school’s lost and found box. LOU is made up of all the items and things that end up in that lost and found box. LOU takes shape from things like a red hoodie, baseballs, buttons, a slinky, a handheld video game, a shoe and all sorts of other misplaced things. But, here’s what is interesting – just because LOU is a monster doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. After watching the playground bully taking all his classmates’ stuff, LOU decides to be the one to fight back against the bully. 

It’s hilarious and just like all things Pixar it teaches a lesson. LOU knows that young bullies very often have their own problems. They are acting out because they’re awkward or young and don’t have their moral compass set. If you can find out what their motivations are, maybe you can solve some things. Since it’s Pixar, you know that means Lou’s plot will involve helping J.J., the school yard bully.

Lou Cars 3

What makes Lou so cool and mesmerizing is his design. Most of the time his face and eyes are primarily made up of a red hoodie, a couple of baseballs and two buttons who resembles a really goofy Cookie Monster. During his chase of the bully the toys and items that are “him” constantly shift and change around transforming him into different shapes that definitely make you laugh.

The screening of LOU was followed by an information session by the Director Dave Mullins. Mullins explained that he has always been inspired by a set of rules and guidelines that John Lasseter once explained were the ingredients a Pixar movie should have:

  • Heart – there should be a main character who is flawed and experiences personal growth.
  • Entertainment – a story that is unpredictable and funny.
  • Unique setting – transports viewers to a place that is exciting and new.
  • Potential – the film must work with animation and use the full potential that animation offers.

The director’s work on the short is definitely rooted in his personal story. When he was young he moved homes often which left him feeling like an outsider in new schools. It made him feel invisible. The bully in LOU is sort of rough around the edges because he wants to be accepted but doesn’t know how to do it until he meets the invisible LOU!

I know you will love LOU, Pixar’s newest short that will be showing right before Cars 3 opening TODAY! (June 16).


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CARS 3 and LOU opens in theaters everywhere TODAY – June 16th!

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I was provided an all expense paid trip to San Francisco by Disney. All opinions are my own.