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Lost Something While at Walt Disney World? A New Site Helps You Track It Down!

If you’ve misplaced something at Walt Disney World Resort, they have recently implemented a new Lost and Found recovery system to try to help you find it. 

Lost Items WDW

Photo Credit: WDW News Today

The updated Lost and Found system can be found on the Walt Disney World site and directs you to a third-party website run by Chargerback to fill out a lost and found report.

The Walt Disney World site information looks like this:

If you lost an item at . . .

Any Walt Disney World theme park, Disney Springs, Transportation (including buses, monorails and watercraft), ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or Disney Water Park: Walt Disney World Resort now uses Chargerback to help track lost and found items. Please fill out a lost item report, available here. NOTE: This will take you to a third party system. The system will allow the Disney team to start looking for your lost item.

Once you fill out the online form you will receive an email notification with your Lost Item claim number. Our team will continue to look for your item and provide you with an email update within 48 hours. We recognize that your item is important to you and will contact you if we believe we have found it or need further information.

Resort Hotels: Please contact the specific resort Lobby Concierge for assistance.

Disney’s Magical Express: If the item has been lost for less than 30 minutes, please contact (866) 599-0951. If the item was lost over 30 minutes ago, please contact Mears Transportation Group at (407) 423-5566.

If you are not sure where your item was lost:

Please fill out a lost item report, available through this link – Report Lost Item. This will allow for the Disney team to start looking for your lost item

Held for 30 or 90 Days – Highly valuable items (such as wallets, purses, credit cards, prescription glasses and cameras) are held for 90 days. Items of lesser value (such as sunglasses, hats, toys and clothes) are held for 30 days.

The system lets you choose from 26 categories of lost items:

  • Blankets, Pillows and Towels
  • Bottles, Cups and Mugs
  • Cases and Containers
  • Cellphone
  • Clothing
  • Drugs and Medical Equipment
  • Duty Free
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Eyewear
  • Footwear
  • Headwear
  • Housewares
  • IDs, Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards and Passports
  • Jewelry
  • Keys, Wallets and Other Personal Accessories
  • Luggage, Travel Equipment
  • Membership Cards and Tickets
  • Money and Gift Cards
  • Musical Instruments
  • Photographs, Documents, Books, etc.
  • Religious Articles
  • Souvenirs
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toiletries and Hair Products
  • Toys and Pets

There is also an option for “Other” which comes with a pop-up warning: “Unless your item is highly unusual, please choose a specific category. Choosing “Other” will reduce the likelihood of a successful match and recovery.”

The system also asks for the location where you lost the item, and your choices are the four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports, the miniature golf courses, and on a transportation vehicle (bus, monorail, watercraft). The main page advises that if you lost an item at a resort, to contact that resort’s Lobby Concierge for assistance. And if you lost your item on Magical Express, there’s a Mears phone number to call.

I think that eventually this new system will reduce the number of guests in line at City Hall and other Guest Services locations since people will no longer need to wait in line to report a lost item. I’ll be curious to see on my next visit if there is some sort of sign letting people know to sign onto the website to report something lost. Since it’s a new system it will take sometime for people to realize it’s there.

Chargerback is touted to be . . . the leading provider of lost and found solutions dedicated to providing a robust state of the art technology solution to assist airlines, casinos, resorts, rental car companies, cruise lines, amusement parks and public spaces with providing exceptional customer service in the area of lost and found.

Have you ever lost something at Walt Disney World? Did you get it back?

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