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Long Bus Journey? Here Are Some Great Ways to Kill Time

Traveling is a great passion of ours. Seeing new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods, and experiencing new cultures? These things keep us going!

long trip tips

One problem with a love of traveling is that it necessitates some pretty long journeys. 

Long Trip Tips

Of course, half the fun in traveling is the journey, but sometimes a bus or train trip can feel like it is dragging on forever.

Here are some great ideas for whittling away the time while on the go.

Make Some Music 

Music making on the move can be extremely satisfying, and the number of tools available for the traveling troubadour has increased exponentially since smartphones have become ubiquitous. 

Everything from full music production software to specialized noise toys is available on mobile platforms. Of course, if you prefer hardware then you could always try out one of Teenage Engineering’s amazing little pocket synthesizers

Making music on the go usually requires headphones. You don’t want the rest of the bus or train to hear your unfinished work! 

Have a Flutter

Sometimes a little risk can make the time fly. Gambling is as old as history itself and casual gambling can be a good way of passing long hours on the bus. Simpler games like Bingo work well as casual, chance-based timewasters.

Online bingo is a huge industry, so there are hundreds of sites to choose from. Using a review site like can help you see which deals and welcome bonuses are best. Be wary though, gambling is great for passing the time, but best done in moderation. 

Don’t ever chase losses or obsess over missed chances. 

Board Games Don’t Get Old

If you are sitting next to a friend or brave enough to ask a stranger to play, board games are a classic way to wile the time away when traveling. Of course, a regular board game would be useless on a bumpy bus ride. Travel games use magnets or pins to keep the pieces in place. 

On a particularly long journey with a friend? Chess is a game with infinite complex playthroughs and subtleties. Travel chess has been around for a while. The Chess Museum has some beautiful examples of peg and magnet travel chess pieces and boards. While you might not be able to get your hands on an Indian Ivory set or a mid-century Bakelite example, any travel set will do.

Get Lost in Literature

Nothing can break up time like getting lost in a good book. There really isn’t much to expand on here: the possibilities are absolutely endless. A good paperback in your pocket can be a lifesaver.

 Of course, some people can become a bit travel sick when they read on the move. If this is the case with you, then an audiobook can fill the hole. The recent explosion of the audiobook market has led to a surprising number of A-List actors reading titles. Stephen Malkovich reads Kurt Vonnegut in an amazingly nuanced and humorous fashion. 

What tips, tricks and suggestions do you have to help pass the time on a long journey?

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