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Keeping the Kids Happy at Epcot

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I wanted to revive this older post because I have recently been reading on social media some recommending that people skip Epcot with kids. There is much more to Epcot than Frozen Ever After! Epcot is a wonderful way to spend a day with little ones. It’s also a much more relaxed day than the other parks so gives the kids plenty to do but at a slower pace so is an ideal mid-week park. Get a bit of a rest but still Lots of fun!

Kids Epcot

I’m always surprised when I hear people say there isn’t anything for their kids to do at EPCOT or that their young kids don’t like EPCOT. My kids loved going to EPCOT and now my granddaughter loves going to EPCOT. Admittedly, there was a little more for the little ones when my kids where young, but it’s still possible to keep the kids engaged and happy spending a day there.


I like to have a meal in a different country of World Showcase each time we visit to expose the kids to different foods of the world. I know many say their kids won’t eat different food but you actually will never know if you don’t try! 

Meet the Characters

Just like every other park at Walt Disney World, EPCOT offers characters for the kids to meet and greet. There are even a few that won’t be found in any of the other parks.

Get Your Passports Stamped

Kids EpcotEPOT is home of the “Kidcot” program. All of the World Showcase countries have “Kidcot stations”. The kids are given a picture of Duffy the Bear to color and at each station they can get a stamp on their passport or autograph book and can sit and decorate their bear. Yes, “FREE” is a word rarely heard in Walt Disney World. The kids will also learn how to say “Hello” in each of the different languages. Kids love the idea of “collecting” the stamps and in the process will be taught some new skills.

Kidcot Fun Stops keep the kids motivated to travel to each country in the World Showcase country. Even young kids will have fun coloring at the free craft stations. If you purchase the passport for the kids they will also receive stickers to decorate the book and there is a scavenger hunt aspect of filling the passport and it makes a great souvenir of the day at EPCOT. If you don’t want to purchase a passport, they can still collect stamps and participate in the activities at the Kidcot station in each land using their autograph book or participate without collecting the stamps. No child is turned away!

Go Undercover

Kids EpcotSchool-aged kids LOVE Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. There are several locations where you can sign up for this FREE (yes! Free again!) activity and pick up the interactive handheld device that will guide them through the mission searching for clues throughout the countries of the World Showcase. Each mission only takes about 20 to 30 minutes and has the kids eager to explore the country pavilions.

Special Events

EPCOT hosts special events throughout the year. The EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival is held each spring and features beautiful flower displays and topiaries of favorite Disney characters. There are also various activities, seminars, and classes available for the kids to take. Holidays Around the World is another great celebration, where the kids will learn about holiday traditions from around the world. 


IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show is the perfect way to end a day at EPCOT. Some of the restaurants in the World Showcase offer great views of the fireworks right from your dinner table. 

Pick a Pearl

Head to the Japan Pavilion and “Pick a Pearl” in the store. They will open the oyster and present your pearl. You can have them set it in a piece of jewelry or take it home as is. 


Teaching children about the different countries represented throughout EPCOT is an important part of their vacation. The entire day can be educational as well as fun! 

crushdorieThe Living Seas has a focus on “Finding Nemo” and every kid loves spending time there, especially “Turtle Talk With Crush”.

Journey Into Imagination is a cute ride for all ages. When you are finished riding the attraction, there are all sorts of interactive stations for the kids to enjoy at the “ImageWorks Lab. (You don’t have to go on the ride to access this area.) 

Throughout the day most of the countries offer scheduled entertainment. All of it is family-friendly. My family can watch the acrobats in China over and over again!

“Living with the Land”  offers a boat ride. The kids will love seeing the fish and baby alligators in one section you go through!

There really is more than enough to keep the little ones busy for a day at EPCOT ~ what are some of the ways your family enjoys EPCOT with the little ones?