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Reconnect with Your Growing Up Family Through a Key West Fishing Trip

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Photo Credit: Ben Shepardson

A charter fishing trip is a great opportunity for parents and kids to reconnect in several ways, especially as kids get older and become teenagers and young adults. The Florida Keys are known the world over for their warm hospitality, unforgettable sunsets, and of course, one-of-a-kind fishing. After you’ve booked your flight and hotel, bed and breakfast, Airbnb, or some other accommodation, book your charter fishing trip through a local company like Seize the Day Charters. A local captain will know the best places to find fish and have the best fishing rods and tackle necessary for kingfish, tarpon, and more. A local company will also have the necessary permits in place to make this charter fishing trip convenient and hassle-free, giving you more time to enjoy each other’s company.

New Adventures with Older Kids

Traveling to Florida with small children is often oriented around the major theme parks. And while those are great fun and make for wonderful family memories, there comes a point in time where the kids have aged out of some of the smaller attractions and want something new and more “grown-up” to do. Then it’s time to reconfigure the family vacation.

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Photo Credit: Ben Shepardson

Florida remains a welcoming destination with lots to see and do even outside of the theme parks; whether it’s your first time or 5th time to Florida, taking older kids on a charter fishing trip is a new adventure. It will keep your family vacation fresh and exciting, something to look forward to during the colder winter months when everyone’s in school and work is in the doldrums.

Learn Something New Together

Taking a fishing expedition with older kids and teens can be a real bonding experience. Nothing delights kids – especially teens – like realizing there are things their parents don’t know. This is a low-stakes way of indulging their glee, as well as creating a strong connection as all of you pick up a new skill together. From baiting a hook to using a fishing pole and reeling in your catch, let go of any self-consciousness and give into the joy of discovery. Who knows, perhaps it turns out your teen has a previously untapped skill at fishing? Or maybe you do, too!

Share Family Memories (And Make New Ones, Too)

Lots of folks have gone fishing at some point with a parent or grandparent. Strengthen those family bonds by using this fishing trip to reminisce about going fishing as a child. Perhaps there was some meaningful life lesson learned that you can share with your child. Or maybe you can simply impress upon them how patient Grandpa was in waiting for the fish to bite, or how quickly Grandma had those freshly caught fish filleted and fried up for your favorite childhood meal.

Photo Credit: Ben Shepardson

In light of today’s heavy intrusion of electronic devices and screen time, give your kids a small glimpse of the past, of family history, and of much-loved relatives. It’s a great time for tall tales of adventure that might even inspire one of your own children to take a risk or try something new.

Explore Their Interests

This kind of trip is a prime opportunity to engage teens’ interests in a variety of ways. Whether they’re interested in wildlife, the sea, navigation, photography, cooking – even great literature- there’s always a connection with fishing. Learn more about the sea life in the area. Read up on and discuss traditional and modern navigation techniques. Get that winning photo of a seascape or record-breaking fish. Use those culinary skills to prepare the catch of the day yourselves. Or read a book of classic literature from Hemingway, who had a home in the Keys, as a family in preparation for your trip – The Old Man and the Sea is one of his best. Make this trip – or at least this activity – about your teens, and watch how they blossom.

Lay the Foundation for Future Family Trips

As the family grows and changes, starting a tradition of family fishing trips can keep everyone together, even for only a week or two, as kids become adults, marry, and have children of their own. Life gets busy between work schedules and school schedules; but having something like this to look forward to every year – or even every other or every three years – can help keep family members engaged in traveling as a group and spending some quality time together.

A shared activity like hiring a fishing charter can help families reconnect during a vacation trip. Spending time together learning something new, indulging in family members’ interests, and establishing the groundwork for a new family tradition to last for many years to come are wonderful reasons to explore adding this kind of day trip to your vacation itinerary.