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Keeping it Cheap: The Best Ways to Keep Travel Expenses Down

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Travel is something that all of us should aim to do more. It expands your mind, opens your eyes and gives you opportunities to see and do things that you simply wouldn’t have any other way.

But many of us claim we can’t afford to travel, we see it as a luxury and give up on the idea just because we don’t have thousands to spend.

But it shouldn’t be the case, here are some ways to cut costs.

Go on shorter trips

A getaway doesn’t have to mean two weeks away. Going on shorter trips will massively cut down your expenses- not only will the overall cost of the vacation be cheaper, but you’ll also need less spending money and time.

Costs such as dog kennels and catteries for your pets will also cost less since they’ll be spending fewer days there. Mini breaks and weekend getaways can still be incredible, and can enable you to visit more places and see more of the world which is always good.

Instead of forfeiting a vacation altogether because you think you can’t afford it, just make it a shorter trip. You might even be able to get a few different getaways throughout the year for the same price as your usual annual summer travels.

Check out sites like Guest Reservations best weekend vacations for ideas, and don’t write anything off just because you can only visit for a few days.

Visit places that are closer to home

As well as shorter trips, another thing that will reduce the cost of your getaway in many cases is visiting somewhere a little closer to home.

This doesn’t mean going full-on staycation, instead, just opt for a location that’s a couple of hours away on a plane instead of half way across the world. Chances are, you still have plenty of exciting and interesting places within this radius, but because the trip is shorter the plane tickets are likely to be cheaper.

This is particularly good for your shorter trips, if you’re going away for three nights then you don’t want to spend almost two days traveling to get there and back!

Consider budget accommodation

Your accomodation in most cases is what will cost you, after of course flights.

One way to reduce those costs is to find budget places to stay. If you’re traveling with a big group, hiring a villa, house or cabin and splitting the cost can work out much cheaper than lots of individual hotel rooms.

If you don’t mind roughing it a little camping or glamping could be the way to go, it won’t be five star luxury but it can be a lot of fun and really cheap to do.

A road trip is another option, if you hire an RV you have accommodations and transport in one. A great way to see certain parts of the world, such as scenic mountains in Europe and gorgeous terrain throughout America.

What are your best ideas and tips for saving on travel?

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