Jim Henson and Fraggle Rock are in the House..Your House! By Tania Lamb


I have a hard time finding good, quality TV programming for my children lately. It seems like shows that are advertised for children are not too family friendly. Sorry, but I’m talking about you Spongebob! So I was so excited to hear that Hulu launched Jim Henson Family TV on Hulu Kids, which features 10 series from the Jim Henson collection, including the beloved and timeless series “Fraggle Rock!”

Jim Henson is best known as the creator of The Muppets, but he was also an amazing puppeteer and created advanced puppets for Fraggle Rock. I remember watching Fraggle Rock on HBO in elementary school (I can’t believe my parents had HBO).  I had an assignment for a debate in 4th grade about whether paying for some cable TV channels was worth it. One of my points was that channels such as HBO were commercial free, so they were attractive to consumers. This was 25 years ago. Now there are so many options with online video services.


I love Hulu! They offer more Henson family titles than any other video subscription service. Now subscribers of Hulu Plus get commercial free episodes of Fraggle Rock and other favorite Jim Henson characters!

If you don’t subscribe to Hulu Plus, no worries! Five rolling, consecutive episodes of each show will be available on the free, ad-supported Hulu.com. So you’ll still be able to dance your cares away with the Fraggles!

Here are all the shows available through Jim Henson Family TV on Hulu.
“Fraggle Rock” Four seasons, 96 episodes
Fraggle Rock: Animated” One season, 13 episodes
Mopatop’s Shop” One season, 32 episodes
Jim Henson’s Animal Show With Stinky And Jake” One season, 26 episodes
The Hoobs” One season, 40 episodes
Mother Goose Stories” One season, 13 episodes
Secret Life of Toys” One season, 13 episodes
Wubbulous World Of Dr. Seuss” Two seasons, 40 episodes
Construction Site” Two seasons, 26 episodes
What are you waiting for? Grab your kids and settle in for a great time and fabulous storytelling down in Fraggle Rock!