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Isle of Palms, SC ~ A Secluded Retreat for the Elusive Traveler

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Nature in all its splendor surrounds the small local community that is the Isle of Palms. Surrounded on one side by the Atlantic Ocean, where the sun drops to the horizon to create an awe-inspiring sunset, and on the other by the salt marshes and inland waterway, alive with the sounds and sight of natural wildlife and fauna, once here you could easily believe that you have been transported to another world.

isle palms scLocated just over fifteen minutes north of Charleston, South Carolina, the Isle of Palms, merely seven miles long by one mile wide, is accessed by the aptly named Connector Bridge. If you are seeking an exclusive, relaxed location to spend your vacation, you have arrived at the ideal place. Isle of Palms has something for every taste.

The ocean side of the island offers long stretches of golden beaches for the sun worshiper and families, with a varied source of restaurants and shops, together with its own municipal marina where you can moor the motor cruiser or yacht. For the more adventurous, there is are a number of water-based activities, which include a kayak club, parasailing, a wave runner area and fishing trips.

Furthermore, if you want to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of this idyllic haven and the surrounding islands, including the fame island Loggerheads Turtles, there are organised boat and land trips designed for inshore and offshore eco-trips. These include journeys to uninhabited islands.

If your preference is for activity or sports orientated leisure, the Isle of Palms will also be at your service. From soccer to skateboarding, baseball to basketball and all sports in between, you will find them here on this island of dreams. One also must not forget the two beautifully landscaped eighteen-hole golf courses.

But you may ask, what about those of us who require the occasional retail “fix?” Do not fear, for within the Isle of Palms city you can savoir the experience of its shopping malls and other retail pleasure. Alternatively, you can venture further afield to the sister island of Mount Pleasant or travel into Charleston itself.

When the day is done, and it is time to wine, dine and relax for the night, the weary traveler will return to the splendor of one of the many luxury hotels that can be found on the island, where you will be waited upon with the quality of hospitality the island is famous for. If that is not your preference, then rent out one of the luxury house, condos and apartments, where you can cater for yourself during your vacation.

Isle of Palms prides itself on its cleanliness, history, eco-friendly approach to nature and the warm welcome that it extends to all who visit. For the discerning traveler it offers the complete vacation experience.

On the Isle of Palms, old mixes with new; tranquility rests alongside the bustle of city and holiday life; residents and wildlife embrace the tourist and all dwell in harmony in a peaceful oasis set in the midst of beautiful scenery. It is little wonder that the Isle of Palms has been made the setting and theme for novels and poetry, for if you visit once and you will return.