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Is Glamping Good for the Environment?

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You might not notice this, but when it comes to having a getaway, glamping is one of the best things you can do for the environment around you! After all, you’re getting back to nature, in one of the least impactful ways possible, and you’re going to come home feeling just as refreshed and relaxed as you would flying thousands of miles away to sit on a beach for a few days. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the details of just how good glamping is for the environment. It’s a worthy pursuit, and even if you’re not a camping fan, you’re going to love going glamping!

There’s an Abundance of Sustainable Materials Involved

Glamping is something that’s catered for around the world, and many glamping sites exist for you to book into if you fancy a vacation. And the good thing about these sites is that they’re made with an eco-friendly consciousness in mind – the cabins or outposts are made out of sustainably sourced and recycled materials. Even the heating systems in these abodes are made to be minimally impactful, as most are wood based! 

And if you’re turning up at a facility that doesn’t have many amenities to it, because you glamp off of your own back or you might be looking for a very budget friendly glamping option, you can use camping gear that’s made to suit the environment too. 

Getting back to basics, while also having as many creature comforts as you need, is the backbone of glamping, and that’s why eco-friendly solar powered camping gear exists for you to make good use of. 

There’s Little to No Emissions Involved

Following on from the point above, glamping means you’re not going to be releasing a high amount of CO2 and various other greenhouse gases into the air. You’re not going to be in the air at all, most of the time, seeing as glamping usually involves just driving a few miles out to a site a few cities over, or having a staycation. 

Glamping is all about getting back to nature, and then leaving it as you found it – undisturbed and with little to no habitat damage. That means focusing on cutting the carbon footprints of glampsite inhabitants is crucial, and your household emissions will thank you for visiting. 

Whether you’re staying in your own tent, which can be reused time and time again and is a single time purchase, or you’re staying in a cabin or hut, made out of upcycled wood and other furniture, you can rest easy knowing your carbon footprint is getting smaller by the second while you’re out here. And hey, these cabins and huts are still going to look absolutely breathtaking when you see how comfy and cosy they can be up close. 

Glamping Focuses on Being Eco Friendly

And like we mentioned, glamping is there to be eco friendly. Most, if not all, of the companies at the head of the glamping trends, that set up sites and facilities to be used, are highly conscious of just how eco friendly they need to be. Even the toilets that can be found on glamping properties are going to be eco friendly in the way they’re built and work. 

Glamping facilities will usually offer visitors locally grown and sourced produce to make meals out of in their glamping cabin or tent. There’s little to no waste involved in a process like this, and it cuts down on the travel required to get the food on offer from A to B! Do you know how many emissions are released into the air on a global basis in transporting goods like these? Anywhere from 30 to 100 grams of CO2 per metric ton and km of the route

Is Glamping For You? 

Glamping can be for everyone. After all, it’s made to make camping a lot more friendly to the general populace, and no matter what kind of budget you’re working with, glamping is cheap enough to suit you. Glamping is similarly very good for you health, thanks to the clean air, natural environment, and a good night’s sleep you wouldn’t get at home! 

But before you go, make sure you remember just how good glamping is for the environment, and try to integrate yourself into this lifestyle while you’re there. You’ll see just how freeing it can be, and how relaxed you can feel, being surrounded by trees and grass and the woods around you.