Is Disney Thinking of Doing Away with All Those Pressed Penny Machines?


Sad news for the Disney pressed penny collectors! Hopefully they won’t remove all of the old-style crank machines that are one of my granddaughter’s favorite things to do at Walt Disney World. I always put aside the shiniest new pennies I get for our next trip since she started collecting the inexpensive souvenir a few years ago. Now, at age 7, she has her pressed penny catalog all ready to go whenever we pack for another trip. She loves picking out her characters and turning the crank, and she has amassed quite a collection!



New machines have recently been spotted around Walt Disney World and there are no more .51 souvenirs! And worse yet – you don’t get to insert your shiny penny or crank a handle. I know one little girl ¬†that is going to be disappointed!¬†presspenny

The new machines that have been spotted now cost $1.00 for one penny or $10 for all 12 designs that are digitally offered. The machines have only been spotted at Downtown Disney and at Hollywood Studios so maybe they are just a test. Hopefully some of the old-fashioned machines will be left in place for those little pressed penny fans like my granddaughter! I can’t imagine these machines will have the same appeal. Part of the fun was saving her own pennies to take with her. That, combined with turning the crank and watching the process always seemed to make her smile.