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Doha – A Modern City With Old World Beauty

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Doha is Qatar’s capital and largest city, and it’s also a rapidly developing city set to become one of the premier cities in the Gulf. There are several five-star international chain hotels in Doha and many more on the rise, such as the InterContinental Doha in West Bay.

See Doha’s Sights

InterContinental Doha West Bay

Image via Flickr by Iancochran

From the constantly changing skyline to the sheer beauty of the world-class Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar is awe-inspiring. You’ll be amazed at all the cultural heritage on display at Souq Waqif, which remains one of the most traditional marketplaces in the region. Here you’ll find national Qatari dress, spices, perfumes, and incense. Alhmalah, or porters in maroon waistcoats, transport shopping bags in wheelbarrows, while the police officers dress in 1940s-era uniforms as they keep their eyes on the lookout for trouble.

Spend the afternoon in typical Middle Eastern style. Find a shisha cafe and smoke some fruit-flavored tobacco. Many locations offer outdoor gardens and serve Middle Eastern food.

Dine in Doha

Due to its diverse population, Doha offers a variety of cuisines including Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Korean, and American, as well as typical Middle Eastern food. If you’re in the mood for American food, head to fast food options like McDonald’s, Burger King, or Pizza Hut or make your way to Applebee’s, Red Lobster, or Starbucks.

Alcohol is only available in bars that are attached to international hotels. Anyone entering must show identification at the bar. You can’t bring any alcohol into the country, and Doha’s customs agents will confiscate any alcohol found. At the airport, all bags are x-rayed, and you’ll receive a receipt to reclaim your goods when you are ready to leave the country.

Get Around in Doha

InterContinental Doha West Bay

Image via Flickr by Iancochran

Doha offers a wide network of bus routes that cover the city. Buses are air-conditioned, and the main bus station is a large, open lot adjacent to the Gold Souq, where you can buy gold and jewelry.

The demand for taxis far exceeds Doha’s availability, so it’s best to have your hotel arrange one for you in advance. If you are adventurous, occasionally local drivers will offer you a ride by slowing down and flashing their headlights at you. It’s customary to offer these drivers some money when you arrive at your destination, but many refuse to take it.

As a tourist, you can also hire a car from the airport. Be sure to reserve it in advance in order to get the best price. Some agencies will require you to have an international driver’s license before agreeing to rent to you.

Although Doha has a reputation for not being very exciting, both beauty and excitement are in the eye of the beholder. There are a variety of activities, areas, and events to visit in Doha, and each will leave you with a sense of awe and inspiration. If you are looking for an adventurous destination full of beauty and places to explore, put Doha on your list.

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Eric || The Bucket List Project

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

I think Doha sounds wonderful. Many of the middle east cities seem to be losing their culture for modern architecture but Doha seems to hold on to its storied past. I would love to stroll through those markets!

Janice Brady

Thursday 8th of December 2016

I agree! I would definitely love to visit