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5 Reasons to Travel to Iceland

Photo via Pixabay

Iceland is one of the most peaceful nations on earth. You will literally never hear it in any geopolitical controversy. However, it’s not just its low profile in geopolitics that makes Iceland a nice country, it is also an interesting country for tourists to visit.

In case you are looking for a nice holiday destination and are yet to choose, here are 5 reasons to travel to Iceland.

Experience the amazing view of the northern lights

You have probably heard of the northern lights, and how beautifully they light up the sky. While most people know of them, based on the scientific explanations, seeing them firsthand is a different ball game altogether.

It feels magical as one watches the multi-colored lights brighten up the night sky. If you have always wanted to experience the northern lights for their beauty, or are a science junkie and just want to experience science first-hand, then Iceland is the place to be.

The experience is one to remember, and reminds you of the relationship between earth and our star, the sun.

You can try ice climbing

Like the country’s name suggests, Iceland won’t disappoint you if you are looking for a nice place to enjoy the ice. The country is covered with over 2700 square miles (4500 square kilometers) of ice. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy ice climbing.

If you are a sports person, you can also enjoy ice skating while in Iceland. You can even take a tour around the country, enjoying not just the ice, but other natural features such as the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. It’s a nice experience for memories that last a lifetime.

 Visit the Harpa

Iceland is not just known for its natural beauty, it also has amazing man-made wonders. One of them is the Harpa. This is one of the most amazing concert halls in the world.

Photo via Harpa Concert Hall

It is made of glass, and is designed to regularly change color. It also hosts the Icelandic opera, one of the best in the world. Not only is the opera worth seeing, taking photos outside this iconic building is worth it. It’s something that you can always look back at, as one of the best experiences in your life.

Get to learn about Elves at the Elves school

Elves are mythical creatures that only exist in European folklore. Interestingly, over 30% of Icelandic people believe that they exist.

While it is all part of Icelandic culture, it would be interesting to learn more about Elves in detail. There is no better place to learn this than at Elves School. It’s an interesting place to learn more about Iceland’s and European culture in general.

Hotels are affordable

With all the above places making a trip to Iceland worth it, the icing on the cake is that the hotels are very affordable in Iceland. Unless you are looking for something really extravagant, you should be able to find a nice hotel in Iceland at a good price.

A quick internet search for the best places to stay in Iceland, should give you amazing hotels you can visit when visiting this country.

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