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How to Travel With Children on a Long Flight

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Flying with children can be tricky, especially when you have several hours in the sky ahead of you. Follow these tips for staying sane during your long flight.

1. Never make your children fly if they’re sick, especially when it comes to certain ailments. When in doubt, ask your doctor. However, keep in mind that the common cold isn’t fun to travel with, but it’s manageable with the right medicine and plenty of tissues.

2. If your child has a chronic condition, such as asthma or allergies, make sure to be prepared. Pack allergy medication, an inhaler and whatever else they may need.

3. Always pack a pain reducer and a fever fighter, both of which should be child safe. If you’re not a great traveler yourself, pack adult medicine, too.

4. Have kids who get motion sickness? Don’t get on the plane without medicine like Dramamine. Ginger-based drinks and foods also help cure nausea.

5. Break up the flight, if possible. Try to book a layover and spend an evening somewhere in between destinations. When you save money on hotels in Las Vegas, you can have a great night and split up a long trip. If there’s nothing fabulous to do at the layover spot, just make a night of it at the hotel pool and restaurant.

6. Pack the day with fun events, then get on an evening flight. Kids will be exhausted from the day and, with some luck, they’ll sleep through most of the flight. If you’re leaving from home, take your kids to the park in the afternoon; if you’re leaving from your vacation location, save one energetic activity for the last day there. Be sure the kids have their own bag of activities to keep them busy that they can carry in a backpack for easy access.

7. Wear out your child at the airport before the flight. Walk with them around the airport, play catch if there’s some free space and let them use up all their energy so they’ll be subdued when it’s time to board.

8. Give kids over the age of four years old gum to chew during take-off and landing. The chewing will help them “pop” their ears and relieve pressure.

9. Before the flight, use an over-the-counter nasal decongestant to further help ear pressure.

The more you take your kids on trips, the more they’ll settle into the routine of traveling.


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Saturday 23rd of May 2015

Love the tips about getting energy out before a flight! So true, kids need that release before a long time sitting!