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How to Spend 48 Hours in Hong Kong

hong kong layover activities

How many days do you need to explore Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a big city and has a lot to do. To really experience Hong Kong it’s best to spend at least three days in Hong Kong, but if you are really just passing through on a layover – what should you do?

How To Spend a 48 Hour Layover in Hong Kong

If you’re stuck with a long layover, there’s no better place to experience a layover than Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s compact size and efficient transportation system allow layover passengers from commercial planes or an aircraft charter from the U.S., to get more options for things to do between flights.

Getting into the city is easy with the city’s fast Airport Express train service. Additionally, getting around the region is also simple with a clean and extensive subway system.

Here are ideas about how to spend a 48 hour layover in Hong Kong.

Check Out the Food Options

The first place to start when exploring Hong Kong in a short period of time on a layover from one way charter flights is with its eclectic food scene. Hong Kong is one of the top destinations of incredible street food, so simply taking a shuttle into the city and trying some of the varieties of food stands is an activity that could satisfy your appetite.

A few of the tastiest options include dim sum, noodles, Peking duck and soup dumplings.

See the Hong Kong Skyline

Visitors to Hong Kong for a 48 hour layover can also access one of the most amazing city skylines in the world. The gorgeous skyline is best seen from the tops of Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is a popular attraction for visitors to the city. Tour operators run hikes and other outings to this famous spot.

Visit a Street Market

Going to Hong Kong also gives tourists an opportunity to see unique street markets around the city. Some markets are open at night, allowing for a full sensory experience. They offer a variety of food choices for hungry mouths and plenty of exotic souvenirs for people looking for something a little different to mark their time spent in Hong Kong.

For anyone in the area in the evening, the night street markets are a must-see.

Experience the Harbor 

Another spot not to miss in Hong Kong is the iconic harbor. If you’re waiting at the airport in between flights, checking Gulfstream G550 charter rates for another trip, you should also take advantage of the scenic views along the waterfront in Hong Kong.

The Star Ferry is an option for an inexpensive way to see the water.

Go on a Shopping Spree

The last thing to check out when in Hong Kong for a few hours on a layover is the shopping scene. Hong Kong is an international destination full of many different top brand stores, luxury products, handcrafted items and much more.

There are plenty of spots in the city to get access to the best shopping, such as Harbor City, the IFC Mall and the Avenue of the Stars. Shopping outside of the airport is a much richer experience that you’ll never forget.

Experience This Incredible Destination

Most of the time a layover is an annoying part of your journey which means you’ll need to kill a few hours sitting around the airport. With Hong Kong, you can experience more out of your layover and actually get a cultural experience.

The convenience of the airport’s location to the top attractions, shopping and eateries make Hong Kong a great layover spot for your next long-haul trip.

Hong Kong Layover Activities

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