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4 Tricks To Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel

If you like to travel a lot, your home will be left unattended for long periods and that can be a security risk. If people know that you are away, your home may be targeted by burglars.

home safety when traveling

When you’re away and you’re trying to enjoy your trip, the last thing you want to do is spend the whole time worrying about the house and whether you have been broken into or not.

If you take steps to protect your house while you are away, you can rest easy and enjoy yourself. These are the best ways to keep your house secure when you are traveling.

Put A Hold On Your Mail 

If you are away for a long period and there is a big pile of unopened letters on your doorstep, you’re advertising yourself to potential burglars. It’s clear to them that nobody is in the house and you are likely to get broken into, so you should put a hold on your mail while you are away if possible.

You can use a web post office box as well if you are expecting important mail. Letters will be sent to a virtual address and scanned in, so you can still access all of your mail online. It’s the best way to keep the house secure and make sure that you don’t miss anything important. 

Be Careful On Social Media 

When you are exploring amazing new destinations, you might decide that you want to share it on social media, but you need to be very careful. If you are posting pictures of your trip, you’re advertising the fact that you are away and your house is left unattended.

It’s a good opportunity to unplug from screens anyway, so you should consider waiting until you get back before posting on social media. You can still take all of your photos, just don’t put them online until you are back in the house. 

Keep A Car In The Driveway 

The lack of a car in the driveway is another big giveaway, so if possible, you should try to keep at least one car in the driveway. If you only have one car and you are taking it with you, why not ask a neighbor if they will park in your spot while you are away.

Alternatively, you could look into renting your parking space out so you can make a little extra money and keep the house safe at the same time. 

Get A Timer For Your Lights 

If there are lights coming on and off periodically, it makes it look as if somebody is home and you will be less likely to be burgled. You can get a plug with a timer on it and put a lamp into it so it will come on in the evenings or install light switch timers.

If you have LED lightbulbs in the house, you can usually control them with your phone and set timers on there as well.

Along the same lines, you can install a smart home security system, that could do everything from turn your lights on and off, close the garage door you forgot to close, and monitor the front door with a doorbell camera so you can answer even if you’re on vacation! With Vivint’s pricing these smart devices are becoming much more popular as a way to protect your home while you’re gone.

These simple tricks will help you to keep your home safe while you are traveling so you can enjoy yourself without worrying. 

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