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Hollywood Wax Museum – New Attraction to Myrtle Beach

waxmuseumJust in time for the summer season, the Hollywood Wax Museum opened in Myrtle Beach. The museum is located in the old Nascar Cafe building across Highway 17 Bypass from Broadway at the Beach Entertainment Complex. The building houses three separate entertainment areas: the wax museum, Outbreak (a zombie haunted house) and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.  You can purchase tickets in several ways – to visit one, two or all three of the attractions (note: I had a 6 year old with me and was advised by staff not to take her into Outbreak). If you purchase your tickets on line you will receive a $1, $2 or $3 discount, depending on the number of attractions you are buying tickets to. You can print your tickets out at home or there is a ticket printing kiosk in the front of the building.

2014-07-01 09.36.41Like every major attraction, before you enter your picture is taken in the hand of a giant King Kong. You can purchase your photo when you exit the attractions – where else? through the Gift Shop.

My son and I really enjoyed the Wax Museum. I will admit that his six year old was not impressed simply because she only recognized a few of the figures. She admitted to finding the entire thing sort of “creepy.”

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2014-07-01 09.57.24

 Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is incredible and the three of us truly enjoyed the time we spent trying to find our way out! This area was definitely Maddie’s favorite.



We did not visit Outbreak on the advise of the staff because of Maddie’s age. They explained it is extremely intense and could prove to be too frightening to a child.

2014-07-01 10.25.38

The Gift Shop is small but has quite a few really nice souvenirs and I found the prices to be extremely reasonable. I did find it odd that the shop offered gifts from movies that were not represented in the museum (Wizard of Oz items in shop but no Wizard of Oz statues in the museum). However, since my daughter has a large Wizard of Oz collection, I was able to purchase a few things for her and the prices were great!

Overall, this is a great new attraction for the Myrtle Beach area since many of the attractions have been around for years and frequent visitors really need something new. Would I give up a day at the beach? No. But this attraction will make a great rainy day (really only a half day) activity for visitors to the area. If you do visit The Hollywood Wax Museum, make sure you have something to eat before going or plan on eating afterwards. There is no food offered anywhere in the attraction, except for a cooler of bottled soft drinks in the gift shop.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 08.43.33

The service mentioned was provided to the blogger free of charge – the opinions are my own. 

the zombie apocalypse haunted the zombie apocalypse haunted 

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