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6 Things to Consider When You Travel this Holiday Season

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This year, holiday travel will look a little different. Some people have already cancelled their travel for fear of contracting Covid-19. However, other people have braved trips for vacations, businesses, and more. Holiday travel tips are important this year!

holiday travel tips

With holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year holidays around the corner, there is a high chance that you are considering traveling. Although holiday travel will be different this year, here are some things to consider when traveling for your holidays.

Holiday Travel Tips

Testing Guidelines – If you plan on traveling internationally, look for a destination that requires you to get tested for COVID-19. The testing can be done either before departure or upon arrival. Look for medical health reports for your destination.

The medical report will tell you about the COVID-19 protocols to expect. Ensure you get an emergency number that you can call in case you experience COVID-19 like symptoms while on vacation.

Communication – If you will spend your travel time with someone, communicate on how each of you will prepare for the trip. Communicate with your friend a few weeks before the trip and evaluate the safety precautions that you need to take.

For instance, you may decide to self-quarantine for two weeks before the travel date to ensure you are healthy. Communication is essential, especially if you will include older adults who have to check with their doctor before travelling.

Airlines – If you want to travel by air, research multiple airlines since they all have different safety guidelines. Some flights will have fewer people on board than others. The best plan is to take flights later at night or choose the least crowded.

You can also look for online reviews on your preferred airline to see what other travellers are saying about the airline.

Insurance – Insurance is a vital aspect of holiday travel. However, most insurance companies now have disclaimers that they will not cover cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can consider working with a travel advisor to ensure that your travel plans are flexible in terms of schedule changes and refunds.

Packing – Maybe it is your first time traveling since the pandemic began. If so, you want to get familiar with current travel rules regarding the allowed luggage. Remember that some airlines may restrict items such as holiday leftovers. Some flights may also charge an extra fee for checking any luggage on their flights.

Also, remember to check whether your bargain-basement fare includes a carry-on bag. The best thing is to check your airline’s luggage rules in advance to know what to expect.

Parking – During regular days, you can drive into your airport’s economy plot and find a parking space. While the parking lot may be vast, it may fill up during the peak travel times. Instead of driving yourself to the airport, consider using public transportation, taking an Uber, or have someone to drop you.

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