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This post was originally published by Stephen Schreck on A Backpackers Tale on May 4, 2016.

Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Whether you want to stay right here in the U.S. or explore beyond its borders, check out these fantastic beach destinations.

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West Palm Beach is a major hotspot for tourists in summer and for families heading to Florida to escape the cold weather of their home state in winter. If you want to bypass the crowds and get the best prices on West Palm Beach hotels, visit in April or May.

The beaches here are beautiful, but you’ll also find awesome shopping and delicious food along the strips. West Palm is also a great place for a family beach vacation.


Fantastic views, pristine golf courses, and sandy beaches are just a few reasons Maui draws over two million visitors every year. The most famous beach spots include Wailea Beach, Ulua Beach Park, and Pooenalena at Kapua’Ikea. There are also miles and miles of forest at the Kula Forest Reserve, which has treks and trails that treat hikers to birds’ eye views of the stunning mountains and beaches.

The beautiful landscape of this budget friendly destination along with the inexpensive hotels in Wailea make it worth putting Maui on your list of places to visit.


Crystal clear water, soft sandy beaches, and a ton of historical sites make Nassau worth a visit. The main attraction and where you will spend most of your time is on the beaches. The ultimate one is Sandy Toes Beach with its perfect waters of wildlife for snorkeling.

If you are a history buff, the historical sites and museums like Christ Church Cathedral will entice you. The outside of the church is just as stunning as the interior with its massive pipe organ. For accommodations, check out some of the awesome hotels in Nassau like the Blue Water Resort.


Not too far from West Palm is another beautiful spot in South Florida. Pompano Beach is as amazing as some of its neighbors but a lot less touristy. This means affordable Pompano Beach hotel prices and cheaper meals. If you want a beach vacation with some privacy, then Pompano is the place to go.


Finally, there’s Bora Bora, known as one of the top tropical island paradises. With its green monitors, blue lagoons, and lush forest, many call Bora Bora the most beautiful island in the entire world.

Of course, with that claim to fame hotel prices are typically expensive, as high as $1,000 a night. Which is why you have to keep your eyes open for promotions and deals. Sometimes the deals are very good, netting you a Bora Bora hotel for a fraction of the price at places like the Four Seasons Resort.

There are many tropical hotspots to consider for your next vacation, but these are some of the best. Each has beautiful beaches and great outdoor activities that you and your family will love. So what are you waiting for? Make your next vacation a tropical one.

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Sofia Boesen

Sunday 5th of July 2020

We diid Bora Bora last year (Pearl Resort) and Moorea (Pearl Resort). It is more expensive than Maui but if you can swing it go to Bora Bora. Maui is beautiful but Bora Bora is amazing. The water colors are incredible and it is alot less crowded. You can sit on your deck of the over water bungalow and have cocktails and not see one other person all day. You can take a boat ride to dinner every night. We have a time share on Maui and go every year. We love it but if you have no kids and you want to have the trip of a lifetime do Bora Bora and Moorea.