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Hipmunk Hotels Budget-Friendly Hotels in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Cleveland and More

Hipmunk Hotels MidWest

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This post was originally published on The FairyTale Traveler on June 28,, 2016 by Christa Thompson.

Hipmunk Hotels in the Midwest are booming! And they should be, with destinations like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Ohio, and Columbus, Ohio, you can find an epic vacation just about anywhere.

Hipmunk Hotels MidWest

These Midwest cities are among some of the less explored in the U.S., but you’re missing out! They all offer such a wide variety of things to do from epic roller coasters to rodeos, there truly is something for everyone.

Check Out these Midwest Hipmunk Hotel Destinations:

Sioux Falls, SD

There are a variety of things to do in Sioux Falls for just about any travel taste. Whether it’s the great outdoors, nightlife, shopping or dining that you’re after, Sioux Falls caters to all of it. Set in the heartland of America, it’s a great destination to escape to if you’re looking to explore one of the less explored places in the U.S. Check out Falls Park for a beautiful and scenic bar outdoors. It has great photo ops for your travel scrapbook too!

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is the “little-big-city” of the Midwest. It has all the ambiance of a metropolis with the charm of a small town. Known for its variety of theater, dining, shopping, the arts, museums, zoos and parks, Tulsa is great for couples and families alike. Check out their selection of wineries for an interesting spin on a Midwest adventure.

Oklahoma City, OK

You’re bound to find adventure in Oklahoma City. Whether you want the adrenaline of white-water rafting or the relaxation of a local spa, you have all bases covered in Oklahoma City. It’s a place rich in history and heritage and will prove entertaining for all family sizes. For a really cool local experience, check out the rodeo!

Cleveland, OH

Head on over to Cleveland for the for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland offers visitors a place to have a good time with a decent amount of nightlife options. It’s also home to Cedar Point if you want a good solid roller coaster rush or, my personal favorite, The Christmas Story House. If you’re more of a garden type, check out their Botanical Gardens. There’s so much do in Cleveland, you may have to go back! So check your bags into one of these awesome hotels and let loose.

Columbus, OH

Head over to Columbus for a variety of experiences from the arts to shopping and great family attractions. Columbus is the state’s largest city and home to a historic German village. From top-rated attractions to premiere shopping, there’s something for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring some of the less explored places in the U.S. Hipmunk Hotels in the Midwest offer a chance to enjoy budget-friendly accommodations without sacrificing amenities and comfort. And just to squeeze a bonus in here, there’s tons of flight deals to these cities on a regular basis. Check out my article on finding flight deals so you can save for more important things. Like rodeos.

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Rachel Jenkins

Sunday 24th of July 2016

Awesome read!!!!