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Hidden Treasures of The Lost Continent at Universal’s Islands of Adventure


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

Nestled within Universal’s Islands of Adventure is an ancient and timeless hidden realm, The Lost Continent. Here are the top five hidden treasures recommended by Anthony Armenia, a Universal Orlando Intern and huge theme park fan:

1. The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show

Sinbad didn’t stop after his seventh voyage; his eighth was the biggest one yet. Join Sinbad in a stunt show of EPIC proportions cheering on the heroes and booing the villains in this live stunt spectacular. This is one stunt show that you don’t want to miss from the breathtaking feats to death defying stunts, guests of all ages will be engulfed in the adventure.


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

2. Poseidon’s Fury

Go on an undersea adventure and no this one doesn’t involve mermaids. Join Taylor from the Global Discovery Group on a journey only built for the most curious explorer through the mysterious temple. But keep an eye out for ancient titans: Poseidon and the evil Lord Darkenon, as they are lurking under the surface battling for power.


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

3. The Mystic Fountain

What looks like an ordinary fountain is anything but! Carved from ancient stone, the mischievous Mystic Fountain not only lives and breathes but speaks; telling riddles and jokes as well as occasionally squirting guests for a refreshing surprise. This is undeniably my personal favorite hidden treasure of The Lost Continent!


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

4. Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House

Just next to the Mystic Fountain, you can escape the typical theme park fare with some exotic cuisine. Chow down like a sultan or king on beef, chicken or vegetarian kebabs and Greek salads. There are also some more Greek inspired snacks including hummus, Greek yogurt and fruit cups along with the more traditional pretzels and churros.


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

5. Star Souls – Psychic Reading

Ever wanted to see what your future holds? Take a seat for a psychic reading and discover what the fates foretell. I don’t know about you but I’m holding out for some delicious kebabs in my future.


Photo Credit: Universal Orlando CloseUp

Of course there are further adventures to be had in The Lost Continent including dining like titans in the award-winning Mythos Restaurant and some truly unique shopping experiences featuring a variety of unusual items from across the ages.

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