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Discover the Hidden Jewel of the Pacific Ocean – New Caledonia

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With the vacation season coming soon and numerous offers all over the place are you having a hard time deciding where to go in order to relax completely and enjoy some picturesque sights? Search no more, New Caledonia (located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 750 miles east of Australia) is all you need. The place is called the Paris of The Pacific and is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its magnificent natural wonders that are waiting to be discovered. Sunny beaches, hospitable locals with vast culture is something you need to discover in Oceania’s favorite holiday place.

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

How to get there?

Travelers from Australia are lucky to have a lot of flights per week, as many as 12. You will need 4 hours to travel from Melbourne. Sydney is less than 3 away from New Caledonia, and citizens of Brisbane are lucky because of the fact that the flight will take them only two hours.

Get amazed by history

With its extraordinary history, New Caledonia, the hidden jewel of Pacific is bound to amaze you. Soon you will get the impression that you were somewhere at French Riviera as New Caledonia has been an overseas territory of France for more than 60 years. You will hear French everywhere as the locals are very fluent in it.

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

There is also a lot of their native languages which will be easy to pick up. If you do not speak any French, still you will be able to communicate with them as those have a flare for languages – they are good at English too. Do not hesitate to approach them as they like to socialize and include foreigners in their activities. Be sure not to miss their production of arts and crafts and traditional dance. Ask them whatever you feel like and learn about their history from the word of mouth.

Biodiversity is remarkable

Flora and fauna is magnificent in the best kept secret of the Pacific Ocean. There is a lot of reefs and small islands. The very nature is quite intact so you will have the unique experience to stroll along the unpolluted area with the nature as it once was.  There are a lot of unique natural treasures and as much as 80% of species in New Caledonia are endemic!

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

There are some that are about to get extinct, so do not miss seeing columnar pin, a famous tree that will soon vanish. The Niaouli tree is another thing you need to see as it depicts the biodiversity of the region. In order to be sure you explore all the wonderful things, you have to choose a good New Caledonia travel program, and have everything sorted out before you leave.

Beaches and activities                              

The serenity of New Caledonia beaches has been well-known for years. Crystal clear waters are all you need.  If you feel like experiencing a bit of adrenaline, visit Anse Vata Beach because it is excellent for some excellent swimmers due to harsh winds which prevail out there. However if you are not so good at swimming, you can still enjoy yourself. Try sups, or stand up paddle boarding, in order to see why everybody is so into it these days. Have an active holiday at Anse Vata and you will get leaner muscles, better posture and overall health improvement. If you do not like such activities, you could still have a picnic as there are a lot of facilities for it.

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

If peaceful waters are your thing go to the most visited beach called Baie des Citrons. It is especially convenient for travelling with children or somebody who is not a good swimmer as there are lifeguards patrolling every day.

Those seeking a bit of intimate atmosphere will love the locals’ favorite beach called Kendu beach. Tourists are rarely seen there. The sandy beach is perfect for spending your honeymoon or even organizing your barefoot wedding with the sound of waves as your walk-down-the-aisle music. 

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

Loyalty Islands are a must see when it comes to visiting New Caledonia’s natural wonders including lots of tropical fish species. There are also ancient caves you could explore. Luengoni beach is definitely worth seeing due to its incredibly turquoise waters and sand-covered terrain. It is great for swimming, diving and snorkelling, whatever you feel like!

Explore New Caledonia’s culture

The New Caledonia people are highly interested in music and as you whiz by their streets you will soon get enchanted by their unforgettable tunes. They are famous for their kanak music which resembles reggae and rock music. There are a lot of sculptors and painters who depict the ancient and modern day life of New Caledonia. There are a lot of exhibitions you can visit in Noumea’s museum called Tjibaou Cultural Centre Noumea which has a breath-taking architecture.

Hidden Jewel New Caledonia

Cultural center designed by an Italian to look traditional

New Caledonia is the best place to spend your next holiday as it is brimming with natural wonders, crystal clear waters at sandy beaches, interesting culture and gripping stories about the history. Pack your suitcases and book a holiday down there as soon as possible!

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