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Helpful Tips for Your Next Fishing Holiday

Whether you plan to take a family trip or a trip with the guys, a fishing vacation can be lots of fun and a great adventure if you plan to travel to another region to do it.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or you’ve just been at it for a few weeks, it’s important that you plan your next fishing holiday carefully. Everyone has their own idea of the best places to go fishing, but the following tips should apply wherever you intend to go or no matter your experience level.

Look Up the Fishing License Requirements

Research what type of fishing license is needed in the location you have chosen.  The rules and regulations vary per country/region. Even if you’re just going to fish in the United States, the requirements may not be the same from state to state. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by checking prior to going there.

Get Quality Fishing Reels

Buy only the best fishing reels and make certain the rest of your gear is suitable for the location you’ve chosen. You may go for a closed lace, free spool or fixed spool, the choice is up to you. Look for one with rear drag heels before front drag heels as they’re easier to use. The bearings also have to be high quality as they determine how smooth performance will be.

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. There are reels, bass fishing rods and other gear for beginners to professional anglers, so pick the one that satisfies your needs. You’ll also find it more convenient to have a landing net as it simplifies the catching process. Don’t forget to bring a cooler if you intend to bring the fish home.  

Be Prepared for the Weather

Dress accordingly, i.e. wear clothes that will make you comfortable but also protect you in case it rains. If you’re going to fish in the UK or other locations with unpredictable weather, bring clothing that can be layered so you’ll be comfortable regardless how the weather turns out.

Bring a raincoat if there’s even the slightest chance of rain, and don’t forget sleeved shirts or jackets to protect you from the cold. Sunscreen will also come in handy as will an umbrella.

Other Tips

  • Bring a chair if you plan to fish all day. It should be comfortable as it may take a while to get a good catch.
  • Do not lose your fishing license.
  • Anglers are still debating whether it’s better to use live bait or artificial lures. As you fish, you’ll learn which ones are most effective for the fish you’re going after.
  • Be patient. Some anglers are able to catch fish in just a few minutes, but it might take longer for others.
  • Organize your gear so there won’t be any problems when you check in. If your fishing gear can fit in the checked luggage, that’s ideal. If not, organize them well so once you arrive, you can go out there and start working out your fishing plans.  


Preparing for a fishing holiday doesn’t have to be difficult, as we have shown here. You just need to get ready as early as possible to avoid complications. Good luck and happy fishing!

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