Happiness At Home And Abroad

You’ve seen and done a lot in your travels. You’ve hiked up mountainsides, seen the sunrise over a beautiful beach and become engrossed in the hustle and bustle, smells and sights of a new city but are you still looking for a little more excitement in your life?

When you’ve become addicted to the travel bug and all the adventure that comes with it, it’s hard to settle back into ‘normal’ life. You might always be planning your next getaway but when does that become obstructive to living your life in the present?

We look at some ways in which you can live your best life whether you’re at home or jetting off to South East Asia, whether you’re doing the school run or daily commute or basking on a beach in the Caribbean.

The secret to being happy wherever you are is right here.

Accept your circumstances

But we should add the caveat: for the time being. It’s fine to want more, to see more and to experience more but there are times, for whatever reason, that this just can’t happen. That’s not to say it never will but for now accepting where you are is going to bring you more joy than wishing for something you can’t have.

You are, however, allowed to have a goal in mind so if taking a hiking trip in South America is on your wish-list, take practical steps to make that happen by putting aside a few savings each month, just don’t get fixated on it.

Bring your own excitement

The great thing about travelling is experiencing all the newness that different cultures, food and sights give you. While your home surroundings won’t necessarily give you that, there are things you can do to create a little more excitement in your life and get your pulse racing.

If travel takes you out of your comfort zone, find a way of doing the same. You might take up an adrenaline sport that challenges your fears of heights or water or get involved in an escape room ghost challenge that terrifies the life out of you but also tests your problem solving abilities.

Rather than sit back and let fun come to you, go out, make plans and bring the excitement into your own life. Talk and plan with friends, while it might not be the same as jumping on a plane to an unfamiliar country, it will give you something to distract and entertain you in the meantime.

Whether you’re a travel junkie, a constant holidaymaker or just love a good adventure, you can only truly appreciate the world around you if you can be happy wherever you are. Plan your next trip by reading up on travel blogs and doing your research but don’t forget to be happy with the people who love you most and are grateful to spend some time with you before you set off on the next adventure.

Life can be an adventure all its own, wherever you are in the world.