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See More of the World For Less: A Guide

guide to cheaper travel

Most of us are unable to enjoy the thrills of more than one vacation a year, and this leaves many people staring at the atlas or endless social media posts, dreaming of travelling the world. If you want to see the world but are concerned about the cost of making travel a more substantial part of your life, this guide will detail some of the best ways that you can enjoy multiple destinations and travel experiences in a year.

  • Book a Stopover or Indirect Flight

Have you ever peered out of the plane window and dreamed of visiting all of the countries that pass underneath you? If so, you should consider turning your fly-overs into stop-overs by booking indirect flights. These will allow you to immerse yourself within another country in addition to your destination for anything from a couple of hours up to a few days. Not only this, but indirect flights generally cost less due to their longer length and perceived inconvenience, allowing you to both see the world and stick to your travel budget.

  • Go on a Cruise 

Cruises are an easy way to see multiple destinations on one holiday, with a pre-planned itinerary that can take you between nearby countries with ease. Not only does this make multi-destination travel simple, with a minimum of planning needed from yourself, but booking cruise excursions in advance can also help you to get the best deals on offer. The most popular cruises include options such as the Mediterranean coast and the Caribbean, giving you easy transportation between every tourist hotspot. 

  • Choose the Scenic Route

However, once you have reached your destination, why only enjoy the view outside your hotel window? Rather than take a flight or stay within the same destination on arrival, you should drive along the scenic routes in a car, such as the Pacific Coast Highway in the USA, or take the train or coach in order to reach your destinations. This will allow you to see more of the beautiful country that you have travelled to, from remote villages not accessible by foot, to incredible national parks. 

  • Consider Twin or Multi-Center Vacations

Twin or multi-center vacations have also become popular in recent years. These types of vacations allow you to choose an ideal destination, and then a travel agent or representative will help you to choose another destination that is easy to access and enjoy from your original country. This will allow you to explore more than one destination in a single trip, allowing you to fully immerse yourself within different cultures and see everything that the surrounding area has to offer you.

  • Use Your Air Miles

The more you travel, the cheaper it will be. If you are a frequent traveller, you will probably have saved up a lot of air miles throughout the duration of your travels. These can then be used to book other vacations and flights to other areas. In fact, you may be able to get some flights completely free, allowing you to see more of the world without paying a cent more. 

guide to cheaper travel



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