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Your Guide To A Day In Versailles While on Paris Tour

Located at a distance of 9 miles to the west of Paris is a town named Versailles. Known for its grandeur, it has been the site of attraction for visitors all over the globe. So, here is your guide to plan the Versailles tour that is going to be everything royal.

guide to a day in versailles

Guide to a Day in Versailles: From Paris to Versailles

For a cost-effective Versailles tour, it is advisable to travel by public transport. Here are three train routes that will help you in your trip to the kingdom of luxury.

  1. Train line L starting from Paris Saint Lazare: For people staying on the northside of Paris, this is the most convenient way to reach the Versailles Rive Droite. Just reach Montmartre or the department stores of the  Printemps or Galeries Lafayettes and catch the train from in front of these stores.
  1. RER C train: Following the Seine River, the RER C train travels from the east part of Paris to the west and is available every 10-15 minutes at the station. It drops at the Chateau rive Gauche train station. 
  1. Train TER N: This is most feasible for people located in south Paris in the sixth district. The train can be boarded from the Montparnasse station and arrives at the same station as the RER C train.

No matter which station you arrive at, it just takes 10 minutes from there to reach the Versailles Palace.

Château de Versailles 

As soon as you reach Versailles, fill in your tummies and embark on a mesmerizing day to feel the magnificence of the town. The first on the list is the Palace of Versailles, also known as Château de Versailles.

Build-in 1623 by Louis King XII, Château de Versailles is the seat of French art and culture. It has been the epicenter of several historical events like the War of Devolution, 1669, and The French Revolution of 1830.

The palace consists of 2300 rooms, 2143 windows, and 67 staircases with the king and queen’s apartment enchanting extravagance in every corner.

In 1979 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is currently owned by the French state as a Public Establishment, governed by the French Ministry of Culture.

Gardens of Versailles

Designed by the legendary Andre Le Norte, the Gardens of Versailles stretches over 800 hectares. The Garden consists of more than 200,000 trees and the grand canal.

It consists of around 45-50 water fountains, one of which is the Latona fountain that illustrates events of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. The place also embodies several historical grooves, colonnades, statues, and an obelisk too. 

Do not forget to enjoy the famous Lime Tree Walk while enjoying the picturesque view of the garden.

guide to versailles

The Estate of Trianon

This is a set of mini villages inside the palace. It constitutes the pavilions of Grand Trianon built by Louis XIV, Petit Trianon built by Louis XV, considered Ange-Jacques Gabriel’s chef-d’oeuvre, Queen’s Hamlet, and Tour Marlborough.

The estate of Trianon was the king’s abode for peace and some downtime in the lap of nature, away from the courtly affairs. It also has the Queen’s theater, the only undamaged structure with every brick in its original location as placed in the 18th century.

Royal Chapel

An amelioration of French Baroque style of Versailles with the Gothic royal French church architecture, Royal Chapel embodies the deeds of Louis IX in the palette of motif beneath its three frescoes by Charles de La Fosse, Antoine Coypel,, and Jean Jouvenet.

Shows of Versailles

The shows of Versailles are its hallmark. Versailles Musical Fountains Show, Musical Gardens Show of Versailles, and Fountains Night Show of Versailles display amazing light work and make you groove on Baroque music, followed by a splendid firework, only on Saturday evenings.

Another must-attend event is the evening ball on one of the royal evenings in the Hall of Mirrors which is organized to give a glimpse into the regal life of the king Louis XIV

The Last Note 

Early morning plans will save from the rush for tickets. It will take an entire day to enjoy every segment of Versailles, and you can easily take a train around 6:00 pm to reach back safely to Paris.

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