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Should You Go on a Vacation or Have a Staycation?

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go on a vacation or have a staycation

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It’s about time to start planning your summer vacation! There are so many options, but not all of them may be the right fit for your family. In particular, you may be wondering Should You Go on a Vacation or Have a Staycation? There are a lot of pros and cons to each type. Let’s look at some different factors you should consider!

go on a vacation or have a staycationShould You Go on a Vacation or Have a Staycation?

1. Preparation

You should know that a staycation is much easier to plan than a vacation. There are no reservations to make, no itineraries to fill. You don’t have to figure out travel plans, get passports, or buy electrical converters. All you have to do is plan out what your family wants to do and eat during your staycation, which should be easy since all the museums, plays, restaurants, etc. will be local.

2. Amenities

When considering if you should go on a vacation or have a staycation, you should definitely consider amenities. If your home already has fun little extras like a hot tub or pool, you’re in luck. However, you’d still be missing out on things like spa rooms and health clubs. It’s also very likely that you don’t have anyone to bring you room service, do your laundry, or to clean up your rooms when you’re out. This lack of amenities can make it a little difficult to fully feel like you’re on vacation when staycationing. You may be tempted to clean up, do laundry, and cook, things you wouldn’t even think of doing on an away-from-home vacation.

3. Pets

Your pets are another element to consider when thinking about if you should go on a vacation or have a staycation. If you have a staycation, taking care of pets is easy because you’re at home. But if you plan to go on a vacation, you either have to find a reliable pet sitter or boarding facility, or your pets have to come with you. Pet-friendly hotels exist, but aren’t as easy to find as traditional hotels.

4. Entertainment

On a staycation, you’re going to be entertaining your family with local sights and events. If you already frequent your local museums and always go to local fairs, this can be a little boring. If you go away on vacation, you’d get to see all new things, maybe even in a different country!

5. Vacation Time

If you don’t have long for your vacation, a staycation may be a good choice. It may be hard to enjoy yourself if you spend half a day traveling, spend 24 hours on vacation, then spend half a day traveling back. In contrast, a staycation can start the minute you get home from work, allowing you to fully enjoy all of your vacation time!

6. Cost

Cost is perhaps the most major consideration when deciding if you should go on a vacation or have a staycation. Vacations can be costly, especially if you decide to travel far, vacation during peak times, or go to a fancy hotel. Since a staycation takes place at home, it can easily cost half as much as a traditional vacation, if not less. However, there is always the possibility that you could find coupons to use on an away-from-home vacation that would make it more competitively priced.

So which should you choose? It’ll depend on your budget, your vacation time, how much prep you’re okay with doing, and what you’d like to do on your vacation. Whichever you choose, it’ll be a fun time with family!

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