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Planning an Unforgettable Girl’s Solo Trip to NYC Midtown East

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New York City is such an iconic destination for sightseers with such a wide variety of interests, it’s almost impossible to take it all in at once. That’s why a lot of people planning solo trips to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city concentrate on a couple of spots or even a single neighborhood, returning to see as much of what NYC has to offer as they can whenever they get the chance.

girls trip new york

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If you’re planning a solo trip into the city and you’re focusing on the Midtown East area, there are a few things you need to know about this part of the city and your options for sights and tours that will help you get the most out of your trip.

1. It’s Easy To Find Iconic Accommodations

If you’re most familiar with the city from media over the years, the classic architecture and decorative style of the metro area can seem distant, but once you’re here, it’s easy to understand just how accessible it can be. Don’t wait, and don’t worry about whether you will be close to the things you really want to see. If you plan to stay in an iconic New York City hotel with a recognizable view and an impressive presence, you are closer to everything you want to see and do, and you’re also able to appreciate your accommodations as a sight to see themselves.

girls trip new york

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To get a look at one of the most iconic hotels in Midtown near Grand Central Terminal, check out the amenities available at

2. Your Transportation To Sights Can Also Be Worth Seeing

Many of the iconic NYC landmarks that visitors want to see because they’ve been popularized on TV and in movies or because they are important landmarks for artistic and cultural movements are also practical parts of the city’s fabric. That means you can take in those classic sights and sounds as a means to another goal on your trip.

If you’re headed out to see something beyond your walking radius, including Grand Central Terminal on your sightseeing list can be a great way to launch into a trip down to the Village, out to a game in the Bronx, or to the iconic Brooklyn neighborhoods that are becoming famous for their own unique contributions to the city.

There’s a lot to see in Midtown East, but there are so many great places in the city, everyone winds up traveling a little bit for something important.

No matter what it is, planning your travel to give you a chance to see other landmarks is always a good idea.

3. Great Food Is Always Nearby in Manhattan

The city is famous for a lot of things, but very few of them have the universal appeal of New York’s food scene. No matter what tastes intrigue you, you’ll find Manhattan so densely populated with great options that you’re almost never far from a choice you’ll want to explore.

For visitors to Midtown, there are a variety of fine dining choices and trend-setting experiences within walking distance as well as a lot of accessible ways to enjoy the city’s everyday food culture.

Visitors at the Westgate Grand Central Station Hotel will find a lot of options nearby, including the Tudor City Tavern & Marketplace, an on-site casual dining experience that gives you a low-pressure option for great food in between excursions.

4. Give Yourself Room To Explore

It’s a great idea to book your tickets to shows and tours well in advance, so you can be sure of your spot when you come. It’s also the best way to get great prices on events and tours. It’s not going to make for a relaxing trip if you over schedule, though, and it will keep you from acting on impulse when you find something interesting.

Pad your plans with plenty of free time to unwind and see the city or to relax and get off your feet in your hotel room, and you’ll enjoy your events that much more.

girls trip new york