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5 Reasons to Take a Girl’s Getaway Weekend at Walt Disney World

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Well, to be honest – a little longer than a weekend. Five nights, six days to be exact. My good friend and I needed a little time away. We both had super busy and hectic times over the last six months. We needed some “me” time. 

I definitely needed a non-work trip. One where I don’t have to take notes, take hundreds of pictures, be on my best and most professional behavior or do anything I don’t want to do.

Since we are both Disney lovers and kids at heart, there was no debate over where we would go – Walt Disney World it was!

Right around the time we were both discussing our need for a little trip to our happy place without family, kids or grandkids – Living with the Magic Vacations started advertising their annual Girls Getaway Weekend Event. After very little discussion (about 2 minutes) we decided to jump on-board.

girls getaway wdw

We were excited because the prices were good and the event allows attendees to join in as many or as few scheduled items as you like. We could enjoy some meals with new friends, enjoy down time and generally just chill.

We went into the weekend knowing we would participate in the dining meet-ups but weren’t really sure if we would be doing the other listed activities.

1. Where to Stay – Stay Deluxe, You Deserve the luxury!

The event was offering three hotels – a value, a moderate and a deluxe. This was the only real decision we made. Where shall we stay?

In the end we decided deluxe. We deserve it. We both needed it. We like to have easy access to where we want to go and super nice rooms to rest our heads. Wilderness Lodge for the win!

girls getaway wdw

Wilderness Lodge has long been one of my favorites and her and I had stayed there together a few years back so neither one of us hesitated when it came to our resort.

Also, when traveling without the kids, grandkids and family – deluxe is the way to go. After all, we all deserve a little bit of luxury for our “me” time!

Geyser Point Bar & Grill is one of our favorite spots to relax so on our first afternoon that was our happy place. Another long time friend (who we never get to see) was on the last day of her WDW trip so met us for a cocktail.

The wonderful thing about a WDW getaway, especially for Disney loving friends, is there is always a long lost Disney pal around that you haven’t seen in ages! Since you don’t have any family members to worry about you can be sure to meet up and share some time with them.

girls getaway wdw

We had a bite to eat, a cocktail (or two) and we sat, relaxed, refreshed and renewed. 

Also be sure to set aside some pool time. An afternoon in the pool is a perfect way to relax especially at a pool like the Boulder Ridge Pool at Wilderness Lodge!

2. Take a Tour (or Two) that the kids are too young for

Because my good friend had just graduated with her doctorate, I knew I had to do something during our trip to celebrate. The Taste of the Magic Kingdom VIP Food Tour was recently advertised on the Disney Parks Blog so I thought it was a good treat to try for her celebration.

girls getaway wdw

Without a doubt a highlight of our trip! The tour is three hours long and takes you through some kitchens and food spots in the Magic Kingdom along the way. Lots of great park and food history made for a fun few hours.

Tastings along the way were scrumptious and plentiful so if you decide to take this tour make sure you start out hungry! The cost is $99 per person and of course, you must have a park ticket.

girls getaway wdw

The Caring for Giants Tour was another one we decided on held at Animal Kingdom. I like that this tour is only an hour long so it doesn’t take a big chunk of time out of your day. My daughter and granddaughter had taken it on our last family trip and loved it so I was looking forward to taking it too. 

It’s an inexpensive tour (around $30) and all proceeds go directly to the Disney Conservation Fund.

3. Try New or Different Food Spots

When we meet at Walt Disney World we normally stick to our same favorite restaurants. This trip we decided to try some new locations or re-visit ones that we had taken our children to when they were growing up.

girls getaway wdw

Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White had mixed reviews on social media so we wanted to try it for ourselves. The character interaction was wonderful.

girls getaway wdw

To be honest, the food was good but not the best you can get at Walt Disney World. The fun going on definitely makes up for it though.

Appetizers and desserts are served family style and each person orders their entree of choice. The menu is not large but does have enough to choose from (except no seafood entree available).

girls getaway wdw

Biergarten in Epcot was a spot that both of us hadn’t eaten at in many years so we were on board with visiting again. Our children loved it when they were young so why not!

The entertainment is always a great and lively event and the food, although a buffet, is very good with a good variety. The best part is I was able to get a couple of things that no one in my family eats so I never get – red cabbage and German sausage! Yum!

Breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian was a big hit for us – not just for the famous Tonga Toast but for the Mimosa Flight! Be sure to include the cranberry one when you order this! It’s delicious! I had the traditional orange, pink grapefruit and cranberry with cranberry being the best.

girls getaway wdw

We had lots of fun with our server and everyone at our surrounding tables when my coffee mug sprung a leak! Boy mug!

girls getaway wdw

Jaleo by Jose Andres at Disney Springs has only been open a short time so we had to try it!

We had a difficult time making a selection because everything on the menu and going by on a tray looked wonderful!

girls getaway wdw

The Sangria was the best! The atmosphere is welcoming and the service outstanding! We will definitely be visiting again.

girls getaway wdw

4. Visit a Favorite for adult time

Wine Bar George has been one of our favorite spots since opening so when we heard he was having a Buy One Get One Champagne special for the one year anniversary, we had to head to Disney Springs to join in the celebration.

Wine Bar George really isn’t a spot I visit when I have my kids and grandkids in tow so I look forward to going when I can.

girls getaway wdw

The food is always good, the service couldn’t be better and it’s a perfect spot to relax. I enjoy sitting upstairs along the windows so I can see the hustle and bustle of Disney Springs visitors go by.

My favorite meal at “George’s” is always two appetizers as my meal – the meatballs and the fried mac and cheese bites!

girls getaway wdw

Another favorite of mine that I don’t get to visit when I have the kids and grandkids in tow – the outdoor Brown Derby Lounge. We spent a few hours one afternoon just sitting, sipping and being silly with some of the new friends we made on the trip – something we could never do on a family trip.


We also had a relaxing breakfast at Tusker House. Characters, good and hearty breakfast food and the African Mimosa made a great start to our Animal Kingdom day.

The African Mimosa is made with the Tusker House Jungle Juice and super tasty!

girls getaway wdw

TIP: Get a 10:45 breakfast reservation and after you finish eating your breakfast foods they will be turning the buffet over for lunch by 11 a.m. so you can get two meals in one! Be sure to be extra hungry when you get there!

5. Shop til you drop but only buy for you!

Picture it! Walking around the World of Disney at Disney Springs without anyone asking for things! You just can’t imagine how big of a pleasure that is until you experience it.

girls getaway wdw

Stroll in and out of the great shops at Disney Springs – Vera Bradley, Coach, Alex & Ani, the list is endless!

We started our leisurely shopping stroll at The Boathouse. A seat outside with a small portion lunch and a cold beer! OMG! What a way to get started.

When finished strolling through all of the stores, why not have an ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop for dinner – you know you can’t do that when the family is there!

I’ll bet there are a lot more reasons to plan a girls getaway weekend to Walt Disney World. The number one top reason will also be spending time with good friends!