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4 Ways To Get More Laughter Into Your Life

If you look at little children, they are always laughing – everything seems funny, and they giggle with abandon as much as possible. As we get older, that ability to laugh seems to fade away, and by the time we’re adults, laughter is – relatively speaking – a rare event. 

get more laughter

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This is a sad thing to have happened; laughter is good for you, lowering your stress levels and enhancing your well-being. So it’s important to get more laughter into your life if you feel it’s lacking. Here are some ways to do it. 

Watch A Comedian

Of course, watching a comedian do their act is a brilliant way to laugh more, and one that we would thoroughly recommend. Not only do you get to experience someone else’s sense of humour and allow it to tap into yours, but the whole event is an experience in itself. Firstly, there are jokes and sketches, but there is more to it. 

When you go to a comedian’s show, you are going out to enjoy yourself – you know that you are going to laugh, and that’s exciting, especially if you don’t laugh a lot usually. You could also combine the night out with drinks and a meal, and by being with friends and family that you love, making it a truly special night out. 

Search Online 

Although we are often told by many like The Independent there are bad parts to the internet, for the most part, it is life-affirming and even life-enhancing or changing. Search for funny videos, or amusing memes, or laugh out loud stories, and you’ll soon find that you are enjoying a good giggle. You might even discover videos of comedians you hadn’t heard of but whose work you really enjoy. 

There are many things that can make you laugh online. Cat videos are popular, or playing games at Unibet and winning could make you laugh with happiness.

You might download a funny book, or even read a review that has been written for laughs. Laughter can be found everywhere if you take the time to look. 

Be A Child 

If children are the ones who laugh the most, then why not be like a child and allow your laughter to come whenever it wants to? It’s not easy to do this if you’ve been in the adult mindset for a long time, but it can be done. The best time to start is when you’re on vacation, and you don’t have to worry so much about the responsibilities of ‘real life’ that can hold back your laughter sometimes. 

get more laughter

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Just go with the flow and enjoy life for what it is. Run around, try new things, experience everything, and find the funny in every situation. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and the more you will laugh. 

Remove Negativity 

Sometimes there are things in our lives that are blocking out ability to laugh more. Remove these negative influences and laughter will be more readily available. The negative might come in the form of certain people, a job you dislike, your financial situation, or even your health. 

Take the time to deal with these issues and solve them, and happiness and laughter will follow. 

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