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Vacation Ideas for the Frugal Family

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Frugal Family Vacation Ideas

Thinking of taking your family on a vacation, but it just seems so out of reach financially? There are frugal family vacation ideas that are perfect for any family.

These ideas are not only great for your family financially, but with some smart planning on your part you can enjoy your family vacation time immensely.

Vacations are a great way for families to connect and bond and are very healthy. Stressing over a vacation financially, takes all the fun out of the vacation. Frugal ideas therefore are a plus for many of us.

We need to think realistically and be open minded. Start with places that are not that far away from home. The farther you go the more it costs to get there.

Travel Together

A good idea is to invite another family to do a vacation with you. This way you can share the expenses of the trip. The destination still does not need to be very far from home, but it is nice if you want to rent a vacation home, or house boat for your trip. Sharing the expenses will help.

Where to Stay

You may even go camping to cut down on the cost of housing during your time away from home.

You need to consider alternative accommodations for your family vacation. There is usually someone in your family or a friend that owns some vacation property, and you can offer to rent it or ask where other people have rented before that was a reasonable price. It is great to ask other families for information.

Look into motels that come with kitchenettes so you can make meals right in the place you are staying, so not all meals are eaten out. This will help save on the cost of meals.

Where to Go

Stay close to home but far enough away, that the surroundings give you the vacation feel. When you live close to a beach, a beach vacation is a great thing to do. Find out when the prices are down, and which days are better to go for discounted prices.

Frugal Family Vacation Ideas


Look into things like Entertainment books for great coupons or State Vacation Planners. Contact  your Tourism Board for ideas. There are some places that have what they call city passes, that have 4 to 5 attractions that you can purchase as a package deal. They are affordable and give you lots of frugal ideas to do.

Do Different

Do a different trip, or unusual trip, where the whole family is learning something as well as vacationing. Go to a historical place, a working farm, or even a horse ranch. See something historical, experience as a family, making candles, like they use to do.

This kind of adventure gives your family a taste of something different. Families can really bond doing this kind of†adventure and experiencing good quality time reinforces family values. Good quality time does not have to be expensive.

Vacationing is a great time to teach your family that it is good to get away from normal daily activities. It is a great learning experience about different cultures, and just a great adventure to experience as a family. Vacations are experiences they will never forget.

Go ahead and be frugal, and go on some type of vacation. Give your family something to remember and pass on frugal ideas to other families.

How can I save money on trips?

1. Look for free activities. 

2. Book a room with a refrigerator/microwave or kitchen area. 

3. Shop at farmer’s markets and local stores. 

4. Before you book, be aware of the location of where you’re staying. 

5. Carry snacks/water during outings. 

6. Use points or miles.

7. Look for city tourism cards. 

8. Don’t get the best room. 

9. Be flexible when flying. 

10. Stay outside a city.

11. Rent an apartment instead of having to get two rooms. 

12. Go off season. 

13. Have a big lunch. 

14. Don’t eat in areas that are close to tourist destinations.

15. Create a budget and stick to it! 

What are your tips for saving money while traveling?