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Great Foodies Locations in Malta

A Mediterranean vacation wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of the region’s most exotic destinations, Malta. This archipelago boasts several historic sites linked to past civilizations, making it a highly sought-after tourist destination.

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Being situated at the center of the Mediterranean means that the island country has a Mediterranean climate. Visitors can, therefore, enjoy sunny summer vacations while exploring the country’s culture and cuisine.

Malta’s culinary culture is mostly influenced by those of its inhabitants’ places of origin, like Britain, France, and Italy; as well as the cuisine of neighboring countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and Sicily.

If you’ll be making a vacation stop in this beautiful island country, we’ve compiled a detailed list of some of the culinary hotspots that you might want to try out.

The Sliema Promenade

Considered one of Malta’s most affluent destinations, The Sliema Seafront is a bustling seaside promenade where you can get a glimpse of what’s trending in Maltese urban culture while sampling the best of Maltese cuisine.

According to Choice holidays, there are numerous outdoor restaurants along the Sliema Promenade, where you can get to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate and take in beautiful seaside views as you eat.

Surfside Restaurant is one of the more popular of these, boasting a rangy menu that captures the island’s diverse cuisine and seasonal seafood recipes. Other popular Sliema foodie hotspots that are worth trying out include Dolce Pettani and the Asian-inspired Temptasian.


This vibrant fishing village is also home to some of the island’s best restaurants, with interesting menu offerings, from unique seafood menus to tasty, local delights. What’s more, it’s not only the food that will get you excited at these eateries lined up along the harbor, as their outdoor dining areas offer up beautiful, unobstructed views of the Mediterranean sea.

Once you feel tired after a whole day of sampling the city’s attractions including the local fish market and the historic St. Lucian Tower; head out to La Nostra Padrona or Rising Sun for some great seafood like mussels and calamari. You can also try out Italian eateries like Filipo if you’re not into seafood.

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While this Maltese island is more renowned for being home to beautiful sites and attractions like the Mosta Parish and Ta’ Bistra Catacombs; it also boasts a number of restaurants that serve ethnic-inspired dishes like rabbit meat, locally known as ‘fenek’.

At one of the town’s most popular restaurants – Ta Marija – patrons even get to enjoy ethnic dance shows as they enjoy such ethnic dishes. Other eateries in Mosta that serve tasty, local cuisine include Mellow’s Cafe and Madliena Lodge.

The Three Cities

Comprised of Birgu, Bormla, and Isla, The Three Cities have a lot of history among them. As well as shared culinary influences.

You can sample this region’s unique cuisine at any of Birgu’s numerous waterfront eateries for instance. In Bormla, you’ll get the opportunity to try out ethnic dishes that incorporate Maltese ingredients like wild Borage veggies. Other dishes worth trying out in The Three Cities includes Parmesan gnocchi with beef ragu and ‘risotto ai carciofi’.

In addition to the destinations mentioned above, other Maltese cities and towns like Mdina and Valletta also boast local dishes that are worth checking out.

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean gourmet experience, Valletta offers up lots of fine dining restaurants that you might want to try out.


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