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Food Allergy Chronicles: NefCase Review

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I received a NefCase product for free for purposes of this review. The opinions, however, are 100% our own.

Protect Kids and Keep Medicine Secure

For EpiPens and other epinephrine and insulin pen auto-injectors


NefCase is the newest auto-injector (EpiPen) case on the market. It’s concept is simple. EpiPens are great for those who need them but can be dangerous if small children get a hold of them. Emergency rooms see lots of lacerations from EpiPens each year. The NefCase is a super durable, waterproof, child proof case. It is a similar material to a nalgene bottle, and the cap is like what you see on Tylenol or other medication bottle. It’s very easy to use, and as an adult it takes no more time to get into than the case an EpiPen comes in.

NefCase was created by Jason, dad to a toddler food allergy sufferer, shortly after his son was diagnosed.

“The allergist confirmed Zac is allergic to cashews, and the doctor prescribed an EpiPen®.  Prior to leaving, the doctor gave us a demonstration on how to use the EpiPen® with a trainer. This caught Zac’s interest immediately, and he asked to play with it. Within seconds of receiving it, he pulled off the blue safety cap and was running around with a ready-to-fire (trainer) EpiPen®.

As a worried dad, I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if this occurred with the realEpiPen®. As an engineer and a husband of a registered nurse, we knew there had to be a better way. We were very surprised by the lack of safe, child-resistant options for carrying case. I immediately began designing and came up with a working prototype in a week. The NefCase is child-resistant, yet easy and intuitive for adults to open within seconds during an emergency, even without instructions. That’s crucial if you are in a panic.

Our goal is to make sure every family has access to life-saving medication, without the fear of children getting their hands on it and getting hurt.”

As for my thoughts . . . I love it!! My love for it actually has nothing to do with what the product is intended for though. I’m an active person and this is the best product I have found to protect and carry my auto-injector. It comes with an attached carabiner that easily clips to anything, and it is basically unbreakable. It clips to my gym bag. It clips to my water bottle. It clips to my backpack. There is also a slide type clip along the side similar to a belt clip that can be used to hold the NefCase to other items.

It’s only downside is that it only holds one EpiPen but the company offers a discount when you buy 2. While it might seem bulky at first, I don’t think 2 will take up much more room than 2 EpiPens with standard connector they come with. It isn’t insulated in anyway but I could see an insulated sleeve of some sort being offered as an accessory by the company at a later date. I think there is a lot of room for this product to grow and for more accessories to come along as well. I think items or attachments to clip to bikes, kayaks, the wall, would be awesome.

All in all I really like it, and it is now my everyday method of carry. Do I think there could be some improvements or addition down the road, sure. As a new company though I stand behind them, and I think they have a great thing going. The product is not only good for it’s intended purpose of stopping small children from having access to an auto-injector, it is perfect for an active adult that needs to have an auto-injector with them at all times. The design keeps it handy. It is attached right to the outside of my backpack – no digging through anything to look for my medication if needed.

NefCase is available directly from the company – or on Amazon HERE.

P.S. NefCase could also be used for insulin pens or any medication delivered in a similar device – any device that shouldn’t be easy for children to get into on their own!