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Flying Etiquette for Dummies! Don’t Forget to Pack Your Manners!

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Flying Etiquette Dummies

As someone who travels often, I am amazed at the number of people who seem to forget to pack their manners! I actually make excuses for some in my mind because I have a hard time accepting that people can possibly be “THAT RUDE.”

The Airport

If you aren’t a frequent traveler, read the guidelines for TSA before going to the airport.

Things go better when we all work together and do our part. Plan ahead. Be accommodating. Have your liquids ready. Do what TSA check-in asks you to do BEFORE you are holding up the entire line of everyone else trying to get through TSA – take your shoes off, take your jacket off, etc. Better yet – why not dress appropriately to the situation. You know you will have to take your shoes off so wear slip on shoes to travel. Don’t wear an outfit that requires a belt or leave your belt in your carry-on until after you go through TSA. Undress and organize your belongings WHILE waiting in line. Put your jewelry in your carry-on and put it on once you’ve gotten through security.

When you arrive at the gate and the gate crew is announcing you will need to valet your carry-on, get the tag before boarding starts, not when everyone is boarding and you are holding up the entire line of people trying to enter the plane. When announcements are made, they refer to you too – not to everyone BUT YOU. Arguing with the gate crew that your purse doesn’t count as one of your two allowed carry-on items holds up everyone else. Yes, it does count! 2 means 2. It doesn’t mean 2 plus a purse.

The Plane

Flying First Class – Well, good for you! Have some consideration for those that aren’t. You get to board first but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thoughtful of all of us poor people that have to wait. No need to order that Bloody Mary the minute you sit down. Have you noticed that the flight attendant has to stop the rest of us from boarding so she/he can deliver your cocktail? 

Are you in Zone 1? Great. Be ready to board when the gate crew starts the process. Are you in Zone 4? I’m sorry but please back up. Clogging the loading aisle for everyone else that will be boarding before you won’t get you on the plane any faster.

When you see someone struggling to get their carry-on in the overhead compartment – here’s a thought – help! Don’t stand there rolling your eyes.

When the seat belt sign goes off at the end of the flight, rushing down the aisle to get two rows ahead while others are trying to get their bags – won’t get you off the plane any quicker.

Did you know that elevation lowers your alcohol tolerance? Although a cocktail can be a fun way to start a vacation, no one else on the plane really wants to hear you slurring your speech, being loud and rude. Know your limits – PLEASE!

Flying Etiquette Dummies

Photo Credit: PassengerShaming.Com

Please – Please – Please – keep your arms, legs, and junk inside your personal space! If you’re a plane sleeper, bring along a neck pillow. Being your seat mate on a flight doesn’t make us snuggle buddies! 

If traveling with children, not everyone on the plane thinks your little one is as cute as you do. Bring along things to keep your child busy so he doesn’t stand on the seat bothering the flyers in front of/behind him/her.

Do your personal grooming (nail cutting, eye brow tweezing, etc.) before you leave home.

There’s an unspoken agreement between flight friends – don’t recline your seat into my lap! I know it’s a long flight – I’m trying to get to the same place you are. Also, when you pull on the seat in front of you to stand up, you are pulling on whoever is sitting in that seat.

We are all sharing the air in a very confined space. Cover your mouth and your sneeze please. And while we are talking sharing the air, go easy on the cologne and perfume before boarding. Keep your shoes on – for pete’s sake – if I can smell your sweaty feet – you have to smell them too!

Use your inside voice. You aren’t at home in your family room. There are others trying to work, sleep, hold their own conversations.

Be nice. Be polite. Be patient. Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.

What are your best travel etiquette tips?

Stacey B

Thursday 1st of December 2016

My #1 airplane pet peeve is when people grab the back of your seat/headrest to stand up. I have shoulder length hair and 10 times out of 10 they offender ends up PULLING MY HAIR - ouch!